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It wasn't until this February that the story started gaining traction, when 16 year old Andrew Goard from Waterford, Mich., launched the FindKatrinaGirl campaign.

"The whole neighborhood told us they saw LeShay on the news and everybody told us someone was looking for her," her mother Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Navy Outlet Nz told People. After she saw the photo, Shawntrell Brown said: "I knew that it was her."

In September 2005, Maroney was sent to New Orleans to find survivors in Katrina's aftermath. LeShay's family was waiting to be rescued, and the young girl soon found herself in Maroney's MH 60 Pave Hawk helicopter.

"I would love to get another hug and see how she's doing," Maroney told The Washington Post at the time, noting that he still had the photo up in his home. "I'd love her to know that there isn't a day I haven't thought of her."

Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Navy Outlet Nz

"I can't wait to meet her to tell her how important she is," Maroney told the magazine. "In my line of work, it doesn't usually turn out happily. This hug, this moment, was like everybody I've ever saved, that was the thank you."

The 2005 photograph showing a toddler with pigtails and an ear to ear grin holding tight to Staff Sgt. Michael Maroney was soon everywhere plastered on Burger King placemats, AT phone cards, a magazine cover.

LeShay has since said she doesn't remember the hug, but those who saw it will never forget it.

Maroney is now an Air Force Reservist who instructs pararescue jumpers in San Antonio, and for years since the rescue and hug he has been searching for the girl, posting messages on Facebook and Instagram.

The news eventually made its way back to LeShay Brown.

It was a heartening moment captured amid overwhelming bleakness: A 3 year old Hurricane Katrina survivor wrapped her chubby little arms round an Air Force pararescue jumper who had rappelled into New Orleans to save the girl's family from floodwaters.

airman finally finds Katrina survivor whose bear

The next month, Air Force Times wrote about Maroney's quest to find the girl, and the campaign went viral.

"It's okay," LeShay told her mother at the time, according to Air Force Times. "We're safe. Don't worry."

Maroney never got the child's name, and he has never stopped trying to find her.

"I was crying because I was scared . . . that was the first time I was on a helicopter, the first time I was on a plane and the first time I ever left New Orleans," LeShay's mother, Shawntrell Brown, told People magazine. "The helicopter had open doors, so I looked out and you could just see all the water over everything, and it was just too much for me, so she was comforting me."

In 2010, he said he even penned a letter to Oprah Winfrey looking for help, but he never got a reply.

"It had been such a rough week; when she wrapped me up in that hug, I was in la la land," Maroney, now 40, told The Washington Post this year. "Nothing else existed. I was just loving that hug."

She planted a bear hug on him and it was captured by an Air Force photographer.

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Call it the ultimate trip, the final frontier, Monoliths R Us or any other metaphor you want, but ask a boomer these three questions: Do you want your body to buried in a cemetery? Do you want your ashes scattered on the ocean? Or would you rather be turned into a diamond and be 'deliberately buried' (to quote Stanley Kubrick) on the moon?

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On Dec. 11, 2014, the company announced a service called MoonMail to help underwrite the cost of launching its private lunar lander and win the Google LunarX Prize. The MoonMail page on Astrobotic's website states that they are accepting small mementos for inclusion on its first mission to the Moon like a family photo, a ring, an SD Card, a lock of hair or cufflinks. You simply mail the keepsake in a small, special container to Astrobotic in Pittsburg, where its placed in its Moon Capsule and integrated into the Moon Pod on the lunar lander. More information on their kit is available here.

When the time comes which I hope will be later rather than sooner I choose to go to the moon. Boldly. I expect others will too.

Although they won't take cremated remains, they will take gems. So once I'm a gem through LifeGem, Cremation Solutions or Algordanza, it'll cost as little as $460 to send me (well, a very compressed version of me) to the moon.

Now admittedly there are some aesthetic concerns to these memorial diamonds, no matter how striking they are. Is my wife really going to wear what's left of me on a pendant or a ring? Or despite how stunning my stone will be, will there be a certain yuck factor to it? I can picture the scene playing out in my mind: "That's such a beautiful blue stone ring you're wearing." "Oh, that's my late husband Tony. He had such beautiful blue eyessee right here?" as she holds out her hand.

Likewise, a typical cremation in this country, including a respectable urn, transit to and from the funeral home, cremation, a grave site service and miscellaneous costs could run anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. And if the urn is to be in a cemetery, the additional cost could be $1,000 to $3,000.

Tony Wilson is a franchising, licensing and intellectual property lawyer at Boughton Law Corp. His opinions do not reflect those of the Law Society of British Columbia, SFU or any other organization.

But then I discovered something that Canadian funeral homes don't advertise: the option turn my remains into a diamond. Yes indeed, companies like LifeGem, Cremation Solutions and Algordanza will compress and super heat my cremated ashes and turn them into a man made diamond. They extract the carbon, convert it to graphite then heat it to almost 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit, after which point, they compress the graphite with 725,000 pounds per square inch of pressure the weight of the world on what's left of my shoulders, so to speak to turn me into a synthesized diamond.

I've found some options for my earthly remains which may interest ageing baby boomers. They may also interest enterprising entrepreneurs in the funeral industry who are tired of thinking inside the box, or the urn for that matter.

As for the cost, it can be as inexpensive as a 'respectable' coffin. Remembrance Diamonds Corp., the Canadian partner of Algordanza of Switzerland, states that its "Memorial Diamonds" start at $2,899, but pricing goes up for larger carat stones. A 0.6 carat diamond could cost between $6,500 and $10,500, for example, while a one carat diamond runs between $13,000 and $21,500.

Voila! Astrobotics plans more missions in the future with bigger payloads. I can hardly wait.

"We buried dad on the Moon" will be a showstopper in any conversation my adult kids will have about their father. They won't have to feel guilty for never visiting the cemetery; all they'll have to do is look up at the man in the moon, and roll their eyes knowing that I got the last cosmic laugh. My memorial service will be like a launch party celebrating a pending trip. Friends and colleagues will do their worst William Shatner and Patrick Stewart impressions while The Blue Danube, Sprach Zarathustra and Dark Side of the Moon play in the background. Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters may be served.

Canadian funeral homes should be boldly going for this option faster than a rocket because we boomers lived and breathed Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Trek. And with apologies to God, many boomers are way more interested in physics than metaphysics.

Of course, there are other things to consider, like a double depth plot, a niche wall, a standalone family legacy niche, a crypt, an indoor niche or an indoor crypt. A memorial service, complete with appetizers and wine, might rival the cost of a wedding reception.

As for my own arrangements, a traditional burial strikes me as too boring and conventional, so for some time I've thought of cremation and having my ashes scattered in the waters of English Bay in Vancouver or Oak Bay in Victoria, or perhaps both. But part of me is fearful that by the time I snuff it, environmental groups or animal rights activists will protest 'ash scattering on the ocean' due to the alleged harm my ashes could do to dogfish and seagulls. It is British Columbia after all.

Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Nz Sale

always wanted to go to the moon

The funeral business is a billion dollar industry in Canada and one that will never run out of customers. Leaving aside the cost of a memorial service with food and wine, a typical burial with respectable wooden casket, transit to and from funeral home, embalming, grave site service and other miscellaneous costs such as the interment fee for opening and closing the plot, headstone, and granite base for the coffin to rest on could be anywhere between $5,000 to $30,000. Additionally, the plot could cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on location in Canada.

Enter Astrobotic Technology. This space logistics company is working with Carnegie Mellon University to put a privately owned lunar lander Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Nz Sale on the moon for a lot less money using a Falcon 6 rocket built by Space X.

Another opportunity out there is out of this world. A company called Celestis will send cremated remains into space, like it did for Gene Roddenberry, but it'll cost you. The company charges a whopping $12,500 to send a teeny weeny 'symbolic portion' of someone's remains to the Moon. That seems like a lot of money for a symbolic portion, if you ask me.

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For the Moravians, Christmas was a joyful but wholly religious occasion. These days, when the season is celebrated at Old Salem, the town is simply and sparsely decorated, as it was then fresh greenery on the fence around the town square and on the pump house, and wreaths on the doors of privately owned houses. Outdoors, the clearest indications of the season are the high spirits of all who pass by, and the 15 piece brass band that plays carols on the street corners and fills the town with music. At night, scattered bonfires provide light and warmth.

This dusty research comes alive each Christmas. In the morning, visitors can wander through the kitchens and watch dinner being prepared. In the home of Samuel Vierling, the town's respected physician and apothecary, a woman roasts coffee beans in a long handled, sheet iron contraption that she holds over the fire. A chicken hangs close to the coals by a string, one end tied around its legs, the other end attached to a hook above the hearth. Periodically, the cook bastes the bird with butter and gives it a gentle spin, so that it slowly twists on the string, first in one direction, then, as the string unwinds, in the other, thus roasting evenly on all sides. (As ingenious as the system was, it had its limits; the townspeople adjusted tastes to necessity and preferred their chicken medium rare.) Meanwhile, mustard potatoes and tart red cabbage simmer in pots hanging in the fireplace, and fresh gingerbread cools on the table.

From the start, Salem was primarily a religious community. The church owned the land and governed the inhabitants, which, in the early years, were limited to confirmed Moravians. The spiritual "family" took precedence over temporal ones; the community was divided into choirs, a Greek word for "group," according to age, sex and marital status: married people, single sisters, single brothers, widows, widowers and so on. Each choir had its own meetings for religious instruction, its own festal days, and tasks for which it was responsible. Some choirs lived together; there were dormitory style houses for single brothers and single sisters, which children joined at the age of 14 and where they remained until marriage. Second only to religion was work. In the midst of a wilderness, Salem was a community of master craftsmen: gunsmiths, tinsmiths, potters, brickmakers, carpenters, silversmiths, blacksmiths, weavers, bookbinders, paper makers, shoemakers, tanners, distillers and brewers. In short order the town dominated the commerce of the region.

Music is everywhere. In one house, two women play duets on a violin and a pianoforte. In the tavern, three men play a hammered dulcimer, a drum and a flute. Warmed by a bonfire behind the tavern, a young man strums a dulcimer and sings the woeful ballad of a henpecked husband. In the single brothers' house, a huge pipe organ carried pipe by pipe in a covered wagon from Pennsylvania in 1798 thunders out hymns of the season.

It wasn't easy. For example, an old receipt ("receipts" were for food, "recipes" were for medicine) might call for "butter the size of an egg," a "glass" of milk, 3 "teacups" of sugar, 2 teaspoons of "pearl ash" or, simply, "spice." The staff tracked it all down: They pored over handwritten scraps of paper, searched through old cookbooks in household inventories, reviewed the books of the town merchant, examined the family crockery, and found what they needed. It seems there were 10 eggs to a pound the equivalent of those now graded "small"; butter that size equals 1/4 cup. A "glass" was a wine glass, or 1/4 cup, and a teacup held 3/4 cup. Pearl ash was an edible form of potash used as leavening (baking soda is the modern equivalent).

"Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into round slices, but not too thin, and rinse them again in fresh water. With finely chopped parsley root and onions, set the potatoes [in some water] over the fire and let them cook until soft, but not until they begin to fall apart. Drain off the water. Melt some butter in a shallow pan, pour the potatoes in, and let them simmer a little in the butter. Stir in 2 spoonsful of powdered mustard and just enough hot meat broth to equal [but not cover] the potatoes. Season with salt. If this should make too much liquid, bring to a boil and reduce. Pour the potatoes and mustard into a deep serving dish. In a sauce pan, saute chopped parsley and onion in butter for a few minutes, but not over a very hot fire. Pour this evenly over the potatoes and serve."

An Old Salem Christmas

In the village tavern, built to house the traders and buyers who came to Salem, a more elaborate meal is in process in the kitchen, where dried red peppers grace the walls and a Canada goose hangs from the ceiling. Wrapped in four layers of buttered paper, a haunch of venison roasts on a spit in the fireplace. At dinner it will be served with a sauce of red wine heavily sweetened with sugar. One woman rolls dough for bread dumplings between her hands; another bakes a pound cake in a Dutch oven a cast iron pot with legs to hold it over the coals, and a lid with a rim around the edge so that more coals can be piled on top.

Visitors who arrive too late to watch dinner being prepared can witness its consumption. In the Vierling dining room, the family sits down to eat and to discuss the events of the day, apparently oblivious to a dozen sightseers hanging over their shoulders, inspecting their food and eavesdropping on their conversation. In the tavern, four traveling gentlemen in frock coats and side curls enact dinnertime of 1785: They carve off hunks of venison and transfer them to their mouths with knives (since eighteenth century forks had only two tines, they were more useful for immobilizing food than for transporting it). They wipe their greasy mouths and hands on the tablecloth (there were no napkins), stir sugar into their coffee with their knives, and discuss the horrendous roads, General Cornwallis' recent visit to the town, and a group of hotheads in the western mountains who want to secede from North Carolina and form the sovereign state of Franklin.

Salem was founded by Moravians, a Protestant sect that formally broke with the Church of Rome in 1457, sixty years before Martin Luther nailed his famous theses to the church door. Although the church had adherents throughout Europe, most were centered in Moravia (now part of Czechoslovakia) and thus gave the church their name. After centuries of persecution, the dissenters looked abroad for a place to practice their religion freely and for opportunities to spread the gospel. America offered land for the former and a native population for the latter.

A Community of Craftsmen

A NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK, Old Salem is a restored frontier settlement in central North Carolina, far less well known (and crowded) than it deserves to be. Seventy nine preserved or reconstructed buildings, 14 of which are open to the public, radiate from a central square. Built between 1766 and 1856 of logs, brick (some with striking half timbering) or clapboards, the homes and public buildings line broad, tree bordered streets. Costumed staff welcome guests to each building, explain its function and go about the everyday business of 200 years ago candlemaking, blacksmithing, cooking as the original residents did, with the same tools, materials and techniques. To visit Old Salem is to experience life in the country as it used to be lived. Each December, Old Salem re creates Christmas as it was celebrated between 1790 and 1830, with appropriate decorations, music and food. At any season, the town is worth a visit. At Christmas, it is sheer delight.

The Christmas Season

Recipes can provide a taste of the food, if not the atmosphere. Two are as the staff found them, the first from 1796, the second from 1820. The superb York Gingerbread is in a contemporary format.

Potatoes With Mustard Recipe

Christmas past is captured in Old Salem Christmas traditions, celebrating the American spirit of Christmas past.

Old Salem Christmas Traditions: The FoodTO THE NECESSARY WORK OF Producing and preparing food, the Moravians brought their emphasis on excellence. The kitchen garden behind each house was lush with culinarv herbs ranging from parsley and sage to rosemary and fennel, and many homes had hops arbors, from which the residents brewed beer (they also made brandy and cordials).

"Climb on!" the man exclaimed. With a grin as bright as morning on new snow, the child clambered aboard.

Worship, work, music, family, food the Moravians rejoiced in them all, made them the substance of their days, the focus of their energy and skill. Christmas at Old Salem captures some of that energy and much of that joy.

Like worship and work, music was an everyday part of life; the day began and ended with hymns. At harvesttime, musicians brought their instruments into the fields and celebrated with hymns of thanksgiving. When the roof beam of a new house went up, a trumpeter balanced on it and played an anthem or two. Children learned an instrument young, and the Moravian orchestras the earliest in America, complete with violins, French horns, bassoons, clarinet played not only religious music but the works of Mozart and Haydn as well.

Inside, sugar cookies dangle from scarlet ribbons in the window of the tobacconist's shop. A scrawny little pine hung with miniature red and green lady apples, pinecones, red bows and black and white striped guinea feathers stands on a table in the corner. Several houses have Moravian pyramids, triangular wooden structures whose shelves hold greenery and burning candles. Here and there is a "putz," a group of small nativity figures carved from wood and used to instruct the children in the Christmas story. Fires burn in kitchens and living rooms, and houses glow with more candles than thrifty housewives would have allowed at less festive seasons.

Religion and economics meshed neatly. Designed to help the church minister to the needs of the spirit, the choir system formed a kind of medieval craft guild. At 14, when a boy left home for the single brothers' house, he was apprenticed to a master craftsman, with whom he remained until he was 21, when he became a journeyman and was free to practice his trade. As long as he was single, he remained in the brothers' house, and part of his income went to his choir. (Rarely has a community provided so powerful an inducement to the altar.)

Chestnut Stuffing Recipe

Like so much else, food had a spiritual dimension. On important occasions the Moravians held a "lovefeast," a service that included singing hymns and breaking bread together, usually a simple meal of coffee and sweet buns. On Christmas Eve, the town staged a lovefeast for its children, each of whom was given a candle tied with a ribbon (symbolizing the birth of Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Navy Nz Sale Jesus, the light of the world) and a Bible verse. In later years, the festivities were extended to adults as well. So today, when interpreters re create village life in general and Christmas in particular, food plays a prominent part. With the zeal for authenticity that characterizes the keepers of Old Salem, the Domestic Skills staff, several of whom have degrees in history, see to it that everything is historically accurate including Christmas dinner.

"Say Merry Christmas!" boomed the driver. The boy hesitated, examined the statement for the traps adults like to set, found none, and said cautiously, "Merry Christmas."

Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Navy Nz Sale

"First take some chestnuts, roast them very carefully, so as not to burn them; take off the skin and peel them; take about a dozen of them cut small, and bruise them in a mortar; parboil the liver of the fowl, bruise it, cut about a quarter of a pound of ham or bacon, and pound it; then mix them all together, with a good deal of parsley chopped small, a little sweet herbs [the most popular were parsley, sage and thyme], some mace, pepper, salt and nutmeg; mix these together and put into your fowl and roast it."

Christmas Customs: An Old Salem ChristmasTHE STURDY LITTLE BOY CAME barreling across the town square in Old Salem and pulled up in front of a man in eighteenth century breeches and vest, who was loading sightseers onto a wagon hitched to two patient black Percherons.

In 1753 a vanguard of 15 "brothers" made their way "over very high, terrible mountains and cliffs," as one wrote, into the piedmont of central North Carolina and established a temporary settlement, while their leaders planned a town to be called Salem, from the Hebrew word for "peace". By 1772 enough buildings were complete for the settlers to move in.

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Angry Sunwing passengers say they spent 8 hours stuck on tarmac

"After push back, the aircraft needed to be de iced and issues were compounded due to a technical issue with the de ice truck."

"Air stairs were requested, however the ramp conditions were unsafe for deplaning and had to be de iced and a walkway had to be cleared between the aircraft and the terminal," the statement went on.

The NDP introduced a in 2013 that would have required passengers grounded for more than one hour on tarmacs be allowed to get off planes, or get compensation of $100 per hour. It was blocked by the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois.

After the de icing problem was fixed, the plane "attempted to taxi to the runway but was unable to do so due to the accumulation of snow and ice," according to the statement.

"During this time conditions rapidly deteriorated with significant precipitation in the form of ice pellets and freezing rain," the airline added.

That flight didn't end up leaving until the afternoon, making the passengers even more miserable and exhausted by the time they got to Calgary around dinnertime Tuesday.

The first 90 minutes were spent waiting for the airport to clear the runways, Sunwing said.

It also issued a statement Wednesday blaming bad weather and equipment failures for the delay.

The airline apologized for the inconvenience and has offered each passenger $150 off future travel.

Travellers can also complain to the Canadian Transportation Agency if they feel their agreements with the airlines, known as tariff provisions, have been breached.

Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Brown Nz

After that, two different airplane "tugs" were unable to "get the necessary grip" on the plane to pull it to a place to safely let passengers off, the airline said.

Robert Hansen, who was also on the flight, said he would like "some more rights as a passenger."

However, the CTA recently dismissed the complaint of a traveller whose Sunwing flight was delayed by more than six hours in January. The adjudicator wrote in his ruling that "as pointed out by Sunwing, the Agency has determined, in previous decisions, carriers should have the flexibility to alter their schedules to respond to commercial and operational obligations, and that tariff provisions reflecting such flexibility are therefore just and reasonable."

A flight from the Dominican Republic to Calgary that was supposed to land before midnight on Monday didn't touch ground until dinnertime Tuesday, after repeated delays, including some eight hours spent sitting on an a tarmac in Ontario, angry passengers say. EST in Hamilton, Ont., to refuel and change crews.

Passenger Pauline Lamoureaux, who was on board with her husband and five year old daughter, said they were given only cookies and juice in the final hour before they were let off the plane. She said passengers became so Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Brown Nz frustrated that they called 911. EST for the final leg of the flight.

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Did you know that there is a 1916 reversible minnow lure somewhere, worth $3,400? And a split cane rod worth $10,000? Or that various wildlife prints and books run well into the thousands? How about that Harry Shourds Canada goose decoy, worth $55,000? If it's old, unique or both, chances are it's listed in this comprehensive catalogue.

Photographers have until Dec. 27 to submit entries to the DFG for its Outdoor California photography contest. Rules and entry forms are available by calling (916) 653 6420. Either black and white prints or color slides depicting California's scenery or wildlife may be submitted. Last year's winner: A photo of a bobcat poised over a deer carcass. The photograph was taken from 20 yards, after Berkeley photographer Michael Sewell spent 14 hours in a cold blind in late autumn.

Angling for a Gift

There are plenty out there for outdoor enthusiasts, from those who do to those who merely like to read about those who do.

A few other new releases: "The Inflatable Kayak Handbook" by Melinda Allan (Johnson Books, $10.95, paperback); "Hiking the Great Northwest" by Ira Spring, Harvey Manning and Vicky Spring (The Mountaineers, $12.95, hard cover); "Flies for Alaska" by Anthony J. Route (Johnson Books, $18.95, spiral bound paperback); "California Reefs" by Chuck Davis (Chronicle Books, $29.95 hard cover, $16.95, paperback); "Knee Deep in Montana's Trout Streams" by John Holt (Pruett Publishing, $15.95, paperback); "Day Hiker" by Robert S. The Outer Limits was the last to do so, its anglers braving heavy seas and bringing in 51 yellowtail.

Take, for instance, "Uncommon Waters: Women Write About Fishing," (Seal Press, $14.95). It features 36 female contributors, among them Dame Juliana Berners, whose "The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle," circa 1421, is considered the first published essay on sportfishing. Also included is a woman's perspective on battling a huge blue marlin, by Lorian Hemingway and entitled you guessed it "The Young Woman and the Sea."

Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Hyacinth Nz Sale

For the artist, there is the Sierra Club "Guide to Sketching in Nature" by Cathy Johnson (Sierra Club Books, $30 hard cover, $16.50 paperback). This in depth color and black and white book provides step by step instruction and exercises to guide prospective artists "into the joy of approaching nature" through the medium of pencil Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Hyacinth Nz Sale or paintbrush.

With the ardent outdoor person and the recession in mind this holiday season, books may be the answer to Christmas giving.

Cabo San Lucas: Striped marlin are finally beginning to show in fair numbers. However, dorado and sailfish are the prevalent species. Blue marlin catches are dropping steadily and the yellowfin tuna that have been in the area for so long are disappearing quickly at the hands of the purse seiners. The live bait situation is rated good. Most action is between El Faro Viejo and San Cristobal.

MISCELLANY Fishing licenses for 1992 are available at sporting goods stores and bait and tackle shops, according to the Department of Fish and Game. Cost for residents: general $23.65 (non residents $63.55); for ocean only, $13.90; for one day, $8.40.

Mazatlan: The Star Fleet, from Nov. 23 30, reports 52 dorado, 35 sailfish, 29 tuna and three wahoo. Top catch, a 117 pound sailfish by Joe Cook of Oklahoma.

East Cape: Winds have been blowing on and off but when weather permits, fishermen are finding a consistent bite by sailfish, dorado and yellowtail.

For the collector, the perfect gift may be the "Sporting Collectibles Price Guide" by Ralf Coykendall Jr. (Lyons Burford, $16.95, paperback). Actually, the perfect gift could be the hammerless double barrel shotgun worth $150,000, but times being what they are. . . .

For the environmentally conscious, there is the reissue of Aldo Leopold's "Round River" (NorthWord News, $19.95, hard cover), in which the respected naturalist conservationist, known as the father of the modern environmental movement, expresses his fascination with nature and his commitment to preserving the delicate balance between the environment and man. Included are journal entries written during Leopold's early century field trips and essays written from notes still in manuscript form when Leopold died fighting a grass fire in 1948.

New fishing regulations are in force for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks to provide improved protection for native species. Copies of the new rules are available at park entrances.

Big game hunters are always after that world record. They may appreciate the Boone and Crockett Club's "Records of North American Elk" or "Records of North American Whitetail Deer" (available only through Boone and Crockett, in Dumfries, Va., $14.95 apiece, hard cover). These new books are ideal for hunters who plan their hunts after determining which states, counties and provinces have recently produced record book animals.

Long range: San Diego boats are returning from Alijos and Thetis banks with impressive catches of wahoo, yellowtail and dorado. Boats fishing along the northern Baja coast are returning with some yellowtail and bonito, but rockfish and whitefish are making up most of the catches.

Discount Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket White New Zealand

Discount Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket White New Zealand

sportsHeadlinesFriday local scoreboard win for Bemidji State Discount Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket White New Zealand in season openerUND HOCKEY: Fighting Hawks hammer Canisius in season openerCOLLEGE HOCKEY: Bulldogs, UMass Lowell skate to tieSUGAR BEET CLASSIC: Big plays, big winaccentHeadlinesUND Band and Wind Ensemble in the FritzQuilters unite Oct. history now is a national wildlife refuge that aided in the comeback of giant Canada geese and provides habitat for a variety of wildlife species. until noon.

Then came the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. By 1933, records show, the cost of the drainage project had reached $1 million without the farming success that had been predicted.

"The county was in terrific financial difficulties," Sannes said. "And that seemed to be one way to be able to bail both the state and the county out was to turn it over to the federal government again."

So began a process to restore the wetlands by establishing dikes and water control structures, much of which was done by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The refuge in 1961 was renamed Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge, and today, the refuge covers 61,500 acres.

"Everything here was settled by 1890, and that was the last area to be settled in the county," Sannes said. "It was a land rush, really the last free land there was."The Comprehensive Conservation Plan for Agassiz refuge describes the land before settlement as a "boggy wilderness, checkered with wetlands and ponds." In 1909, the plan explains, state, local and private interests embarked on a massive drainage project to convert the landscape to farmland.

According to DelRay Sannes of Holt, Minn., the effort to develop what then was known as Mud Lake into farmland came at the end of the European immigration wave. Sannes' grandfather, Hilmer Moberg, was among the 150 to 200 homesteaders to settle in the Mud Lake area of Marshall County.

Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge celebrates 75th anniversary

Located northeast of Thief River Falls, Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge was established March 23, 1937, by Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Mud Lake Migratory Waterfowl Refuge. The designation officially ended an experiment that began in 1909 to drain the land for farming.

According to the refuge's conservation plan, the Minnesota Conservation Department precursor of today's Department of Natural Resources acquired more than 55,000 acres of the tax forfeited land, which it sold to the federal government in 1937.

"It really created a lot of hard feelings in this area," said Sannes, a retired English teacher. "I've known quite a few of them over the years, and those hard feelings lasted it still is around even in the next generation, people who had never lived out there.

Sannes, who helped compile a history of the settlement and eventual relocation called "Memories of the Mud Lake Pioneers," said losing their land was difficult for the "Mud Lakers" who had called the area home.

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The work will require at least two dogs, sometimes more, to be directed by experienced handlers.

Previous efforts using decoys and even human patrols failed. The canine crew will operate April to June, during the first goose assault, and August to November when the birds return.

The federal government plans to hire trained dogs this spring to protect its central experimental farm from incursions of hungry Canada geese.

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Agriculture Canada to release the hounds on hungry geese

The tender document says the animals must be trained for scaring, not for retrieving, and that no geese may be killed or injured.

Last year, two border collies and a trainer were hired for $44,000 to drive away more than 1,000 geese, notorious for gobbling up seeds Discount Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber White New Zealand from newly sown fields ruining hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of experiments.

left uncontrolled, geese can damage valuable research crops and hinder important agricultural research work that brings benefits to farmers and the agricultural sector, said spokesman James Watson.

Agriculture Canada recently issued a tender for dawn and dusk pooch patrols, five days a week, across 300 hectares of fields at the Ottawa farm, which is used to develop new crops.

OTTAWA Wanted: A few good hounds to stave off a menacing airborne assault in Canada capital.

It the second year that Agriculture Canada has brought in dogs to control goose visitations at the farm, which was established in 1886 on what used to be the outskirts of Ottawa.

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That symphonic, spacey interplay between keyboards, synths, and basic rock instrumentation continued into "Psychobabble," a bass guitar lover dream and venerable creepshow of weird effects, including wild guitar licks that morphed into demented laughter while "Pop Goes the Weasel" played in the background. "All Our Yesterdays," a new song from Parson just released CD/DVD project "The Art And Science Of Sound Recording," was like attending a master class in studio recording one could hear the tracks build up layer by layer. "Prime Time," from the 1984 album "Ammonia Avenue," featured Greene as lead singer and lead guitar, and ended with a simply phenomenal guitar solo.

STEPHANIE SIGAFOOS: A Jersey native raised in Northeast PA, she was reared in a house littered with 8 tracks, 45s and cassette tapes of The Beatles, Elvis, Meatloaf and Billy Joel. She also grew up on the sounds of Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw and can be found traversing the countryside in search of the sounds of a steel guitar. A fan of today's 'new country,' she digs mainstream/country pop crossovers like Lady Antebellum and Sugarland and other artists that illustrate the genre's diversity.

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How about listing Concerts before they happen in your coverage area for those that live outside the area and never heard about them! All you do is review! what Pa. Commonwealth lacks is a accurate very good concert and festivals website. Another question is "What concert was he at on Saturday night"? This concert, aside from a couple of songs was pretty awesome and a lot more than what I expected. This band had great energy, was very tight, and delivered much more than I expected. They played every song that I wanted to hear, and all very well. Steve Siegel obviously has an axe to grind with bands that he probably not familiar with. I like to know how old he is and if he really was qualified to review a show for a band that he probably didn know much about prior to attending this show. Alan Parsons was, at best, a ground breaking prog rock artist and at worst a smooth production adult pop artist. There would be no way, short of the equipment PINK FLOYD used to travel with, that he could capture the multi layered smoothness of his albums live. And to assume, and hold back a better review of this concert, for lack of the equipment he couldn fit into the Zoellner even if he wanted to, shows a lack of perspective on your part. This band pulled off a fantastic show of classic prog rock music that would be basically unperformable by any one else, and anyone who attended felt fortunate to have seen this in such a small and intimate venue. Seeing the Parsons project in this small venue is akin to the fortune of seeing YES, ELP, Pink Floyd or others of the genre in a small venue in other words, virtually non existent. Any shortcomings of the show were certainly outweighed by the brilliance and professionalism of the Parsons band. I don think you quite appreciate the rarity of the opportunity. Really strange. From my vantage point, which was REALLY close, they put on a great, if slightly under rehearsed, show. I thought PJ Olsson vocals were stellar throughout, PARTICULARLY on Time, which is a ridiculously hard song to sing. My disappointments were that the guitar player, while doing an adequate job most of the time, was clearly playing right at the absolute edge of his abilities. He didn have the chops to really command most of that music the way I would like to have seen. And the horn player/part time singer was a disappointment as well. Didn know the words, missed entrances and he kind of fumbled through the sax solo on Old and Wise, which just broke my heart after seeing PJ absolutely HAMMER the vocals on that song. Alan vocals weren stellar, but they weren terrible, and who really is going to have an easy time replacing Eric Woolfson?

Problem was, while the sound quality was great one would expect nothing less from the Britsh rock pioneer the seven piece group sounded too much like just another R band, and not enough like the unique polyphonic orgy of layered sound one hears on the albums. Strong keyboard work by Parsons and Manny Focarazzo and some awesome bass playing by Guy Erez were the only saving graces.

Alan Parsons Live Project classic prog rock heaven mostly

Photo by Sheri Bayne

"Eye in the Sky" was a classic exercise in pure rhythm driven light rock, with a lively audience sing along and Parsons thankfully back on keyboards. And "Games People Play," another Project classic, was an exuberant closing rocker.

But then came "Turn of a Friendly Card," in its complete version, and for the rest of the generous two hour long show, all was made right. Olsson, and soaring guitar riffs by Alastair Greene.

I had my doubts that Alan Parsons could take his rich, multi layered prog rock sound from studio to stage unscathed. And frankly, 40 minutes or so into the sold out Alan Parsons Live Project at Arts Center Saturday night, I still had my doubts.

Less inspiring was "One More River" from the 1978 album "Pyramid," here performed for the first time live. Except for some nice synth work, it sounded like standard R fare. While Parsons is a wiz on keyboards, his voice is just adequate. As a result, "Don Answer Me" was merely passable. And Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Black New Zealand even Olsson, for all his lively bounding about the stage, had his low points, notably in "Time," where he consistently went flat in the high registers. A shame, since this is a Project staple, and one of the loveliest ballads the group recorded.

JODI DUCKETT: As The Morning Call's assistant features editor responsible for entertainment, she spends a lot of time surveying the music landscape and sizing up the Valley's festivals and club scene. She's no expert, but enjoys it all especially artists who resonated in her younger years, such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Tracy Chapman, Santana and Joni Mitchell.

KATHY LAUER WILLIAMS enjoys all types of music, from roots rock and folk to classical and opera. Music has been a constant backdrop to her life since she first sat on the steps listening to her mother's Broadway LPs when she was 2. Since becoming a mother herself, she has become well versed on the growing genre of kindie rock and, with her son in tow, can boast she has seen a majority of the current kid's performers from Dan Zanes to They Might Be Giants.

By Steve Siegel Special to The Morning Call

great sound, great setlist, great venue, great night. Thomas and UNB campuses in St. John and Fredericton, and Mount Allison. The second part of the tour will include New Brunswick Community College campuses. "We want to try and bring our efforts as close as we can to the students," said Smallwood. She reported that they have experienced a lot of cynicism in the engagement process. "You have to make it meaningful," she explained, stating that people don't think their voice will actually make any difference. But Smallwood certified that all of their reports and recommendations are given directly to the Department of Health and made public to ensure a level of accountability. Reporting directly to the Minister of Health, the NBHC is responsible for the facilitation, promotion, and support of ongoing citizen engagement in the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of New Brunswick's healthcare system. The NBHC also helps to provide New Brunswickers with objective and credible information about the performance of the health care system. The goal is to contribute to greater accountability, improved health system performance, and promotion of a more citizen centred health care system. The Health Council has a budget of approximately $1.5 million to carry out its mandate. Similar health councils exist at the national level, such as the Health Council of Canada, as well as provincial health councils in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. MOSER has been around long enough to have seen the original Ramones in a small club in New Jersey, U2 from the fourth row of a theater and Bob Dylan's born again tours. But he also has the number for All American Rejects' Nick Wheeler on his cell phone, wrote the first story ever done on Jack's Mannequin and hung out in Wiz Khalifa's hotel room.

Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Grey Nz

Harassment can be an effective tool, said Dolbeer, the bird strike expert. A last resort involves selective killing.

The birds most often struck were gulls, followed by mourning doves.

A look at other airports in the FAA report revealed that Chicago O'Hare, Detroit Metro, Minneapolis St. Paul and New York's John F. Kennedy all saw year over year declines in bird strikes in 2008. The agency had been under pressure to disclose such numbers since January, when a pilot landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River after bird strikes knocked out both of the plane's engines. All 155 people on board survived.

To keep birds away, Cleveland airport officials have installed netting, replaced berry trees, planted new grass and removed standing water. The techniques are working, Mayo said.

animal collisions with planes have risen sharply

Nonbird strikes included coyotes, skunks, woodchucks, raccoons and foxes.

Burke Lakefront Airport near downtown Cleveland and Akron Canton Airport also showed increases in bird strikes over the last 19 years, though not as pronounced as at Hopkins.

Another possibility is that certain species common in Northeast Ohio, such as the Canada goose and red tailed hawk, are growing in numbers, Dolbeer noted.

The highest reported strike was at 12,000 feet.

The number of reported collisions between airplanes and birds or other wildlife more than doubled over the last three years at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Richard Dolbeer, a Huron based Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Grey Nz expert on bird strikes, believes the increases at Burke and Hopkins can be largely attributed to better reporting. Department of Agriculture wildlife biologists who monitor bird populations at both city run airports.

They are "doing a very meticulous job documenting all of the strikes," said Dolbeer, an ornithologist who retired last year from the USDA's Wildlife Research Center in Sandusky.

Data released for the first time Friday also showed such strikes occurred 15 times more often at Hopkins in 2008 than in 1990, though only 13 of the 812 collisions were designated as substantial and none caused crashes.

Occasionally, more extreme measures must be taken. Several months ago, bald eagles were spotted at Hopkins. They had built a nest in the nearby Rocky River Reservation.

Combined data for Hopkins, Burke and Akron Canton showed that:

"It can be a very useful part of a mitigating program," Dolbeer said. "When you selectively shoot a few birds now and then, the other birds understand this is a dangerous place to be."

Daytime strikes occurred nearly four times as often as nighttime strikes.

Half the strikes occurred while the plane was on the ground.

But if the eagles return to the airfield, Hopkins has received the permit necessary to harass the eagles by shooing them away with strobe lights, firecrackers and sirens.

Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Grey Nz

Takeoffs and landings at Hopkins have dropped, from 332,000 in 2000 to 235,975 in 2008.

The FAA's data included more than 89,000 incidents since 1990, including 28 cases since 2000 in which a collision was severe enough that the aircraft was considered destroyed, the Associated Press reported. airports.

Even so, Jackie Mayo, spokeswoman for the Cleveland Airport System, said officials have taken many steps in recent years to keep birds away from the airports. She said the spike in strikes between 2007 and 2008 results from more stringent reporting requirements. Pilots, she noted, are being told to notify wildlife staff of even the slightest smear on a plane.