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American Goldfinch Pictures

Voice Call: various, including per chik o ree or a descending ti di di di; given mainly in flight. Song: a long series of musical phrases, often repeated randomly; similar to the lesser. Not known to mimic other species.

Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Nz

Identification A relatively large carduelid. Breeding male: unmistakable. Body entirely bright lemon yellow with white undertail coverts. Jet black cap. Black wings with yellow lesser coverts and narrow white tips to greater coverts, forming 2 white wing bars along with white edging to the tertials. White inner webs to most of the tail feathers. Pink, conical bill. Breeding female: very different from male. Underparts very yellow with white undertail coverts, while upperparts, including head, olive green. Lower wing bar buffy and quite wide. Tail feathers with white tips and inner webs. Bill pinkish. Winter male: cinnamon brown above and on breast and flanks, with white lower belly and undertail coverts, yellowish wash on throat and face, and muted black on forehead. Wings more boldly patterned. Yellow lesser coverts. Wide, whitish lower wing bar. Bill darker than in breeding season. Winter female: mostly drab gray body with black wings and 2 bold buffy wing bars. White undertail coverts and edging to tail feathers. Dark bill. Immature male: black on forehead reduced or lacking. Lesser coverts duller. Juvenile: resembles adult female. Unstreaked.

The brightly colored male American goldfinch is especially recognizable. The American regularly Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Nz visits seed feeders, particularly in the east. It is often very gregarious, especially during the nonbreeding season, when it flocks to roadsides and brushy fields to feed on thistle and sunflowers. It is often heard in flight, giving distinct flight calls. Polytypic (4 named ssp.; differences slight). Length 5" (13 cm).

Status and Distribution Common throughout much of United States and southern Canada. Breeding: a variety of habitats, from weedy fields to open second growth woodland, and along riparian corridors, particularly in the West. Does not breed over much of southern third of United States. Winter: populations from northern third of breeding range migrate to southern United States and Mexico, augmenting resident populations throughout middle section of the United States.

Similar Species The male is unlike any other finch in North America; the Wilson's warbler is the only other bright yellow species with a black cap, but it does not have the finchlike bill or the bold wing pattern of the American. All other plumages can be separated from the lesser goldfinch by their bolder wing pattern and white undertail coverts. The female Lawrence's goldfinch is gray like a nonbreeding adult female American, but note the American's wider, buffier wing bars and different pattern of white in tail. The call notes of the American are very distinct from those of the Lesser and the Lawrence's.

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Darria Arnell Dillard, 52 of Scottsboro, Alabama, died on Thursday, October 6. She is survived by his husband, James Dillard; Mother, Bedie E. Boyd; brothers Calvin (Sharon) Doss Jr; Sisters, Dianne (Jerry) Graham, Keno (Tyrone) Morore. She was preceded in death by her father, Calvin Walker; brother, Robert Doss; daughter, Pennie Fennell; and god mother, Ethel Baker. . (click for more)Vickie Goodgame, 60, of Summerville, Georgia, passed away Thursday, October 6, 2016 at Redmond Regional Medical Center. Survivors and funeral arrangements will be announced later by Willis Funeral Home, Inc., Dalton. (click for more)

Weeks, Cliff Hudgens Jr. (Rocky Face)

Richardson, Genevia Jan (Ooltewah)

Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Gray New Zealand

Minnie Vance

Amy Lynn Chadwick Ooltewah

Branscum, Leonard (New Hope)

Dillard, Darria Arnell (Scottsboro)

She was a member of the Redemption Point Church. Amy loved taking care of those she served in her role as a nurse.

Roden, Billie Jane (Georgetown)

Survivors include her husband, Kent Hulvey of Ooltewah; one six year old daughter, Kaitlyn Hulvey of Ooltewah; parents, LaMont and Nellia Faye Mullinax Chadwick of Cleveland; four sisters, Tammy Radford (Eddie), Robin Lawson (Danny), Denise Elliott (Gerald), all of Cleveland and Karen Wilcoxon (Tim)of Polk County; and several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday, Aug. at Grissom Funeral Home with Reverend Lake Walker and Reverend Beecher White officiating. Interment will follow at Hilcrest Memorial Gardens with Danny Lawson, Eddie Radford, Gerald Elliott, Time Wilcoxon, Kevin Hulvey, and Greg Sissom serving as pallbearers. at the Grissom Funeral Home, who has charge of the arrangements.

Charles Anthony "Tony" King, 61, died on October 3, 2016 in a local hospital. He was born August 9, 1955, in Chattanooga, to Aaron and Roberta King Drake. He attended the Chattanooga City Schools, graduating from Riverside High School in 1973. Tony was a family man and devoted father, who encouraged his daughter, Danielle to pursue her goals. He was also . (click for more)

Dr. Minnie Vance died on Friday, October 7 at the age of 94. She practiced pediatrics in Chattanooga for 60 years, retiring reluctantly Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Gray New Zealand at 88. Minnie was greatly loved by her family, friends, and her many patients. She was born in 1922, in the "Great State of Texas." Her father, a Methodist minister, and her mother were civil rights advocates who preached . (click for more)

Charles Anthony "Tony" King

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By Stalk Hunting Only


By Stalk Hunting Only


By Stalk Hunting Only

Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Coffee New Zealand

All deer hunting is closed on Bankhead and Talladega (Talladega Division) National Forests on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week during the season, except deer hunting shall be allowed on Tuesday, November 20, Wednesday, November 21, Tuesday, December 25 and Wednesday, December 26.


(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) November 17 January 31By Dog or Stalk Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Coffee New Zealand Hunting November 17 December 27

DEER: BUCKS ONLY with bare antlers visible above natural hairline one a day. Guns or Bow and Arrow.

Bibb, Chilton and Perry, except National Forest Lands and that area east of Alabama Hwy. Hwy. 82 and north of Alabama Hwy. 183. Hwy. 231, south of Alabama Hwy. 14, west of Tumkeehatchee Creek and north of the Tallapoosa River. Franklin, except National Forest Lands and that area south of Alabama Hwy. 24, east of County Road 81 and Alabama Hwy. 243.

By Stalk Hunting Only

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) January 16 January 31

By Stalk Hunting Only (except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Autauga; Baldwin, except south of Intracoastal Canal; Barbour; Blount; Bullock; Butler; Calhoun, except National Forest Lands; Choctaw; Clarke; Clay, except National Forest Lands; Coffee; Colbert; Conecuh; Covington; Crenshaw; Cullman; Dale; Dallas, except National Forest Lands; Escambia; Etowah; Fayette; Geneva; Greene; Hale, except National Forest Lands; Henry; Jefferson; Lee; Lowndes; Macon, except the Tuskegee National Forest which is open to stalk hunting only; Marengo; Marion; Mobile; Monroe; Montgomery; Pickens; Pike; Russell; St. Clair; Shelby; Sumter; Talladega, except National Forest Lands; Tallapoosa; Tuscaloosa, except National Forest Lands; Walker; Washington; Wilcox; Winston, except National Forest Lands.

That area of Bibb, Chilton and Perry, east of Alabama Hwy. Hwy. 82 and north of Alabama Hwy. 183. Hwy. 231, south of Alabama Hwy. 14, west of Tumkeehatchee Creek and north of the Tallapoosa River. That area of Franklin, south of Alabama Hwy. 24, east of County Road 81 and Alabama Hwy. 243, except National Forest Lands.

Any party controlling hunting rights may, by choice, be more restrictive on seasons and bag limits than those stipulated below.

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) December 28 January 31

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) January 16 January 31

National Forest Lands in Calhoun, Clay, Talladega and Winston Counties.

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) January 16 January 31

and Trapping Seasons and Limits 2001

By Dog or Stalk Hunting (except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) November 17 January 15

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"If I'm staying profitable in Niagara Falls, I'll continue to take chances down here," he said.

NFC Development Corp. Director Fran Iusi said the agency submitted the bid as a fallback option in the event a private purchaser did not step forward. Had the agency secured rights to the property, Iusi said it would have put it back on the market in hopes of finding another private buyer, which is what she said the city prefers.

Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka Red New Zealand

Cafe Etc. was once viewed as a key property in Third Street's redevelopment. Fournier Jr. renovated the site and opened it as a jazz club in 2002. He entered into a loan arrangement with the city's NFC Development Corp. two years later, borrowing $75,000 from the small business development agency to purchase equipment.

Anderson stressed that he does not plan to interfere with operations at Donatello's, the popular pizzeria and sub shop owned by Fournier's father, Steve Fournier Sr.

Anderson said he views Niagara Falls as a "namebrand" and likened purchasing property in the city to buying "low price stock" with the belief that the investment will one day prove wise and profitable. He acknowledged the city has much to do in terms of improving its infrastructure, but remains confident that things will continue to improve in the future. He added that his other ventures in the downtown area, including the Quality Hotel Sites and Snow Park Niagara, are making money and performing well.

The building, located at 462 466 Third St., sold for $130,000, with Niagara County businessman Joseph Anderson submitting the top bid during a foreclosure auction Monday at City Hall. The previous owner, City Councilman Steve Fournier Jr., used part of the building for a jazz club operation that closed in 2008. The other half of the building is currently home to Donatallo's restaurant.

Anderson buys Cafe Etc

Anderson's bid was one of two submitted during Monday's auction. An attorney for the NFC Development Corp. made the initial bid on the agency's behalf, offering $128,764, enough money to cover the full amount owed in principal, fees and interest on Fournier's loan agreement as well as back taxes owed on the property to the city.

Fournier Jr. had been working on an arrangement to sell the property to another owner that would have assumed control of both parcels and responsibility for all debt. Those plans never materialized and the auction went forward as scheduled.

Articles20 year old Newfane woman bags 950 pound moose in NewfoundlandArmed robbery in LaSalle investigatedHolistic approach to pain management can smooth the cancer journeyFatal crash investigated on Lockport Road in the Town of NiagaraTrial witness describes fatal North Tonawanda shootingNiagara Falls City Council gets behind convention center planFatal crash victim identified as Lockport residentCreepy clowns pop up locallyNiagara Falls train station costs coming into focusBLOTTER: Police reports for Oct. 3

"I'll leave the existing business in place," Anderson said. "I'm not looking to chase businesses out."

The Third Street jazz club formerly known as Cafe Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka Red New Zealand Etc. has a new owner with a familiar name.

Several years ago, Anderson, the man behind Smokin Joe's on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation, purchased a building at 500 Third St. to serve as home to SJ Anderson Graphics Embroidery.

Earlier this year, NFC commenced foreclosure proceedings on the property after Fournier Jr. failed to make good on the terms of the loan which called for him to re pay the $75,000 at 5 percent interest as part of a 20 year term. Records on file with the Niagara County Clerk's Office show Fournier, who was elected to the Falls City Council in 2008, owed in excess of $70,000 in principal, interest and late charges.

"The city is not in the land business so we're happy to see someone take ownership of the property and all of its rights and responsibilities," Iusi said. "Joe has a reputation for doing what he says he's going to do, so we are hopeful he'll put that building to good use."

At the close of the auction, Anderson said he had no immediate plans for the lounge area inside the former Cafe Etc. site, but does intend to begin renovation work on the upper floor of the two story structure which he hopes to turn into rental units.

Corporation Counsel Craig Johnson said the revenue generated through the sale to Anderson will be used to re pay the development corporation and the city, both of which he said will be "made completely whole" by the deal.

"The second it is closed, we'll start that day or the next day," Anderson said. "We're ready to start right now."

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Advanced/experts: The black, expert runs are accessible from the top of Pic Blanc and Les Marmottes III cable car. They attract thrill seekers and the more technically advanced skiers to experience the maximum vertical drop of 2,200m. Particularly noteworthy black runs include the Fare piste, the Combe Charbonniere, Balme, La Fuma and the Col de Cluy.

Alpe d (1,860 3330m) is a sizeable, modern resort known for its sunny, extensive terrain and spectacular views across the Southern Alps. The efficient lift system whisks skiers up to the vast, high altitude area of the Alpe d Grand Domain Ski (250km) with its wide choice of varied runs, well suited to all levels.

Alpe d'Huez Destination Overview

On the pistes

Au Ble Noir, Chemin des Bergers, 38750 Alpe d (04 57 30 00 73). Housed in a beautifully restored old barn in the centre of town, serves traditional French dishes like crepes and fondues as well as wood fire specialities. Open from 12 2pm and 7 9:30pm.

Au P Creux, Chemin des Bergers, 38750 Alpe d (04 76 80 62 80). Housed in a beautifully restored alpine building with a south facing sun terrace and cosy pine interior. This reasonably priced restaurant serves traditional French dishes. Specialities include veal with Beaufort cheese and Cassolette de St. Jacques (scallop casserole). Open for lunch and dinner with a large south facing terrace and cosy interior.

Intermediates: A good selection of intermediate runs are spread throughout the ski area. Some of the most challenging reds can be found in the Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Red Outlet Nz Villard Reculas and Signal de l sectors. Confident intermediates can try the Canyon run from Plat des Marmottes or the 16km Sarenne black run. For less confident intermediates, there are some great blue cruisers from the Signal sector heading down to Alpe d or try the sector the long, blue Champclotury run above Oz or the main Couloir blue from 2,700m.

The resort efficient lift system whisks skiers up to the vast, high altitude slopes of the Alpe d Grand Domaine Ski (250km). Here you find a wealth of sunny, south facing runs high above the treeline, suitable for all levels and dotted with plenty of good mountain restaurants.

Alpe d is one of the liveliest resorts in the French Alps, but is divided into separate quarters, so you can often find yourself far away from the centre (Avenue des Jeux). A good tip is to stay in the prettier, more rustic village of Vaujany, which is linked to Alpe d by chairlift. Families are particularly fond of Alpe d for its friendly, laid back atmosphere and wide choice of accommodation apartments, chalets, hotels and B ski area is comprised of five ski resorts and two traditional mountain villages: Alpe d Auris en Oisans, La Garde, Le Freney d Oz en Oisans, Vaujany and Villard Reculas.

Few resorts can rival Alpe d for size of ski area and variety of terrain, which is often compared to Espace Killy (Tignes and Val d In mid winter Alpe d high altitude slopes maintain great snow conditions, but the strong southern sun can mean late season snow becomes slushy in the afternoon.

Mountain highlights include the 16km Sarenne piste (primarily black) which offers 1hr30 of uninterrupted skiing. There also some serious off piste, plenty of steep verticals, a varied snow park and one of the biggest nursery ski areas in the Alps. The extensive and varied terrain is particularly well suited to the more adventurous freerider. Some of the most popular off piste powder can be found in areas such as Gorges de Sarenne and Glacier de Sarenne. Note: Always ride with a guide.

Beginners: Alpe d has one of the largest nursery areas in the Alps with four free lifts for beginners. The mass of green runs above the village (accessed by the Troncon cable car) and above the Les Bergers area (accessed by the Romains chair) offer plenty of wide, gentle slopes to help you find your snow legs. Although watch out for more advanced skiers whizzing through at the end of the day.

The legendary 16km black Sarenne piste stretches from Pic Blanc (3,330m) to Alpe d'Huez (1,860m). It consists of two sections: initially a fairly steep series of pitches which can get a bit mogulled and then a long flatter section along the valley. It is primarily a black ski run, but you can avoid the really steep section at the top by skiing off from the Marmottes 3 bubble instead. Open from 7am for toasted sandwiches, croissants and good coffee on the terrace or at the bar. A great start to the day before catching the first lift up the mountain.

Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Red Outlet Nz

Smithy Tavern, Route du Coulet, 38750 Alpe d (04 76 11 32 29). This centrally located bar and restaurant appeals to all ages and has a solid reputation as a good value eatery (mains start at The Tex Mex menu features nachos, fajitas and burritos as well as plenty of bloodier options for enthusiastic carnivors, like homemade burgers, fillet steaks and the rack of ribs. Also has a lively apr scene with live music. Opens from 5pm Mon Fri; from 10am Sat; from 2:30pm Sun.

Caf Gourmand, La Menandiere, 38750 Alpe d (09 82 61 05 51). Great place for a quick stop and grab breakfast. Serves crepes, waffles, paninis and croquet monsieurs to scoff on the ski lift or eat on the south facing sun terrace. Wash it down with a hot chocolate, tea or coffee. This traditional mountain hut is built into the rock and is renowned for its roaring log fire. There a daily set menu offering salads, soups, omelettes, grilled meats and specialities like burgers with Reblochon cheese and au feu with truffles. Sit in one of three dining areas or out on the large sun terrace. From the second stage of the Vaujany Alpe d'Huez cable car, you can reach Les Airelles by following the Les Rousses piste as far as the middle station of the cable car at Alpette, then follow signs for Montfrais. You can also get there on foot via the Montfrais bubble lift and a short travelator.

Canada Goose Discount Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand

Canada Goose Discount Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand

an attack that changed history

"I could feel the bullets hitting the plane and smelled smoke," he said.

"The attack, to me, is like yesterday," Heim said.

Heim managed to grab a machine gun and ran outside, where he began shooting at Japanese aircraft overhead.

"When I come to, I was on all fours, crawling along the wall," he said. "Blood was coming out of somewhere. It scared me to death. I thought I was dying."

"I saw another airplane coming down, and something dropped down from underneath it. Then there was another explosion," he said, adding, "I saw a big red ball."

"As I was writing 'Dear Bob,' I heard lots of airplanes," he said. Navy pilots flying maneuvers so early in the morning.

He recalls the ordeal lasting more than an hour, a time that is etched in his memory.

When he finally reached his post in one of the base hangars, a bomb blew through the ceiling and slammed him against a wall.

Heim went on to train as a pilot and flew 78 combat missions during the war, some of them over the Balkans, France and Germany. He piloted missions in Korea and later flew for the Strategic Air Command.

wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaNEW CUMBERLAND, Pennsylvania (Reuters) World War Two pilot Henry Heim, now 92, says he can still hear the sounds of the attack on Pearl Harbor vividly. Pacific fleet, Americans like Heim are marking the anniversary on Saturday with solemn public ceremonies and private moments of reflection.

Heim tried three times to run to his duty post but each time was strafed by enemy machine gunfire and forced to turn back.

The surprise Japanese air and naval assault on the Hawaiian island of Oahu claimed 2,390 American lives and drew the United States into World War Two. warships and destroyed 323 aircraft, badly crippling the Pacific fleet.

Heim, then 22, was writing a letter to his brother from his barracks at Pearl Harbor when Canada Goose Discount Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand the attack began.

His complaint was cut short by a tremendous explosion, Heim recalled from his home in Pennsylvania earlier this week.

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Did you know that there is a 1916 reversible minnow lure somewhere, worth $3,400? And a split cane rod worth $10,000? Or that various wildlife prints and books run well into the thousands? How about that Harry Shourds Canada goose decoy, worth $55,000? If it's old, unique or both, chances are it's listed in this comprehensive catalogue.

Photographers have until Dec. 27 to submit entries to the DFG for its Outdoor California photography contest. Rules and entry forms are available by calling (916) 653 6420. Either black and white prints or color slides depicting California's scenery or wildlife may be submitted. Last year's winner: A photo of a bobcat poised over a deer carcass. The photograph was taken from 20 yards, after Berkeley photographer Michael Sewell spent 14 hours in a cold blind in late autumn.

Angling for a Gift

There are plenty out there for outdoor enthusiasts, from those who do to those who merely like to read about those who do.

A few other new releases: "The Inflatable Kayak Handbook" by Melinda Allan (Johnson Books, $10.95, paperback); "Hiking the Great Northwest" by Ira Spring, Harvey Manning and Vicky Spring (The Mountaineers, $12.95, hard cover); "Flies for Alaska" by Anthony J. Route (Johnson Books, $18.95, spiral bound paperback); "California Reefs" by Chuck Davis (Chronicle Books, $29.95 hard cover, $16.95, paperback); "Knee Deep in Montana's Trout Streams" by John Holt (Pruett Publishing, $15.95, paperback); "Day Hiker" by Robert S. The Outer Limits was the last to do so, its anglers braving heavy seas and bringing in 51 yellowtail.

Take, for instance, "Uncommon Waters: Women Write About Fishing," (Seal Press, $14.95). It features 36 female contributors, among them Dame Juliana Berners, whose "The Treatise of Fishing with an Angle," circa 1421, is considered the first published essay on sportfishing. Also included is a woman's perspective on battling a huge blue marlin, by Lorian Hemingway and entitled you guessed it "The Young Woman and the Sea."

Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Hyacinth Nz Sale

For the artist, there is the Sierra Club "Guide to Sketching in Nature" by Cathy Johnson (Sierra Club Books, $30 hard cover, $16.50 paperback). This in depth color and black and white book provides step by step instruction and exercises to guide prospective artists "into the joy of approaching nature" through the medium of pencil Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Hyacinth Nz Sale or paintbrush.

With the ardent outdoor person and the recession in mind this holiday season, books may be the answer to Christmas giving.

Cabo San Lucas: Striped marlin are finally beginning to show in fair numbers. However, dorado and sailfish are the prevalent species. Blue marlin catches are dropping steadily and the yellowfin tuna that have been in the area for so long are disappearing quickly at the hands of the purse seiners. The live bait situation is rated good. Most action is between El Faro Viejo and San Cristobal.

MISCELLANY Fishing licenses for 1992 are available at sporting goods stores and bait and tackle shops, according to the Department of Fish and Game. Cost for residents: general $23.65 (non residents $63.55); for ocean only, $13.90; for one day, $8.40.

Mazatlan: The Star Fleet, from Nov. 23 30, reports 52 dorado, 35 sailfish, 29 tuna and three wahoo. Top catch, a 117 pound sailfish by Joe Cook of Oklahoma.

East Cape: Winds have been blowing on and off but when weather permits, fishermen are finding a consistent bite by sailfish, dorado and yellowtail.

For the collector, the perfect gift may be the "Sporting Collectibles Price Guide" by Ralf Coykendall Jr. (Lyons Burford, $16.95, paperback). Actually, the perfect gift could be the hammerless double barrel shotgun worth $150,000, but times being what they are. . . .

For the environmentally conscious, there is the reissue of Aldo Leopold's "Round River" (NorthWord News, $19.95, hard cover), in which the respected naturalist conservationist, known as the father of the modern environmental movement, expresses his fascination with nature and his commitment to preserving the delicate balance between the environment and man. Included are journal entries written during Leopold's early century field trips and essays written from notes still in manuscript form when Leopold died fighting a grass fire in 1948.

New fishing regulations are in force for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks to provide improved protection for native species. Copies of the new rules are available at park entrances.

Big game hunters are always after that world record. They may appreciate the Boone and Crockett Club's "Records of North American Elk" or "Records of North American Whitetail Deer" (available only through Boone and Crockett, in Dumfries, Va., $14.95 apiece, hard cover). These new books are ideal for hunters who plan their hunts after determining which states, counties and provinces have recently produced record book animals.

Long range: San Diego boats are returning from Alijos and Thetis banks with impressive catches of wahoo, yellowtail and dorado. Boats fishing along the northern Baja coast are returning with some yellowtail and bonito, but rockfish and whitefish are making up most of the catches.

Men Canada Goose Expedition Navy Nz Online

Men Canada Goose Expedition Navy Nz Online

Teen charged in killing Canada goose

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. Police say a 15 year old boy will be charged in the killing of a Canada goose that was found dead near a bloodied rock at a Massachusetts park.

Melo says another case involving a Canada goose that was apparently shot to death with a pellet gun in the same area last weekend remains under investigation. The two cases don't appear to be connected. New Hampshire officials say the state's unemployment rate went up slightly in August, to 3 percent.

BOSTON (AP) America's oldest lighthouse station is being honored as it turns 300 years old. Coast Guard Commandant Paul Zukunft called Boston Light a "landmark that will stand the test of time" at a waterfront Boston celebration Wednesday. Seacoast Science Center officials say an 8 foot swordfish that washed up along Cable Beach in Rye earlier this week appears to have died of a respiratory infection.

A jury gave Gary Sampson the death penalty in 2003, but that sentence was overturned eight years later by a judge who found that one of the jurors had lied repeatedly about her background.

Jury selections begin in carjack killings

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August 2015 was 3.3 percent.

BOSTON Jury selection has begun in the sentencing retrial for a man sentenced to death in the 2001 carjack killings of two Massachusetts men.

The state estimates that 734,590 people were employed last month, an increase of 1,750 from the previous month and an increase of 17,450 from August 2015.

Sampson pleaded guilty to carjacking and killing 69 year old Philip McCloskey and 19 year old Jonathan Rizzo during a weeklong crime rampage in July 2001. The new jury will be asked to Men Canada Goose Expedition Navy Nz Online decide if Sampson should receive the death penalty or life in prison.

America's oldest lighthouse marks 300th anniversary

The state employment security office says the preliminary seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is up a tenth of a percentage point from the July rate of 2.9 percent.

Royer says a necropsy was performed on the predatory fish on Tuesday after it was found dead on the beach Monday.

The goose was found near the duck pond at Brooklawn Park on Sept. 1 with blood on its head. A 3 inch rock was found near the scene.

Rob Royer, an aquarist at the science center, said that it's very rare for swordfish to come ashore given the depths of the ocean they generally inhabit.

Nationally, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August was 4.9 percent, unchanged from the July rate. It was a decrease of two tenths of a percentage point from August 2015.

There were no visible wounds or bite marks on the swordfish's body. The necropsy revealed mucus in and around the fish's organs, an indicator that it may have been suffering from a respiratory infection.

New Bedford police Lt. Amos Melo says the boy confessed to his parents, who then contacted police. The boy will appear in juvenile court on an animal cruelty charge.

Royer says he's never seen a swordfish wash ashore during his 12 years in the Rye area.

Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online

The statement was an exact copy of portions of their website.

"Canada Goose is deeply committed to the preservation of our global environment and the humane treatment of animals. We never purchase fur from fur farms, never use fur from endangered animals, and only purchase fur from certified Canadian trappers. trapping of fur bearing animals is strictly regulated by the provincial and territorial wildlife departments in Canada. In fact, Canada is the world leader in humane trapping methods, providing the scientific basis for the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS), which establishes the required standards for approval and certification of animal trapping devices."

Canada Goose refused to talk to Global News, sending a statement instead.

The group alleges some Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online of the methods used to catch coyotes, like leg hold and kill traps, are cruel.

However, the Canadian fur industry insisted the traps are humane and that they have strict standards.

Animal Justice claimed standards are so low in Canada that it okay for as many 20 per cent of animals caught in either leg hold, or kill traps, to show extreme signs of poor welfare, including broken bones.

animals have been taken legally, around the rules set by the provinces and territories, said Pierre Canac Marquie, a trap research coordinator for the Canadian Trap Research Program.

"In that time the animal could suffer from extreme exposure," said Labchuk.

Animal rights group files complaint against Canada Goose

Animal Justice is challenging marketing claims by the clothing company that the coyotes used in its fur trim have been treated MORE:Animal groups sound alarm over leg traps after wounded dog brought in

Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online

He said in reality, very few animals suffer. They have found traps work properly in about 95 per cent of cases, well above the 80 per cent minimum. As well, most are checked daily.

Canada Goose buys its fur from a clearing house and pelts come from across Canada, including jurisdictions where traps can be left for up to five days before being checked.

Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Black New Zealand

Original might not mean mint. Decoys with slight paint loss and shot marks can still bring a premium; those that have been repainted or touched up will not.

Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Black New Zealand

Before that sale, which offered the collection of another respected collector, , values were in the hundreds, not thousands, of dollars.

The two day , produced jointly by in January 2000, made international news. The Bowman curlew? It brought $464,500. A 19th century ruddy turnstone went for $470,000, a Mason's wood drake duck for $354,500.

Described as the only completely indigenous American folk art, the first decoys were crafted by American Indians more than a millennium ago. White settlers adapted the idea, carving bird replicas in wood (rather than wrapping bird skins around reeds) to attract waterfowl into range. Now the decoys themselves are the subject of enthusiastic hunting, appreciated by collectors as antiques and as art.

But the Dallas man did his homework and started attending auctions on the East Coast, the center of decoy activity for collectors now, as it was for carvers a century ago. It was at an auction on Cape Cod, around 1980, that he met another decoy crazy Texan named James McCleery, a name already famous in collecting circles.

Floaters and stick ups represent the two main decoy types. Floaters may be hollow, with separately carved heads and weighted bottoms.

an antique wooden decoy can be valuable

Values also depend on the aesthetic appeal of a decoy, the carver, the rarity. Most decoys were not signed by their makers though some bear the stamp of their owners, making retrieval from a lake easier so study is required to become familiar with the characteristics and artistic styles of important carvers.

The sale of McCleery's holdingsset the standard against which all decoys (and auctions) are judged.

The decades between 1840 and 1918 were considered the "great age of the decoy," also known as the market hunting period, during which millions of birds were slaughtered.

Guyette and Schmidt Inc., the world's premier decoy auction company, advertises decoys under $500, and the firm's vice president, , says decoys can be found in shops and shows for "$25, $50, $100 on up."

Stick ups, which imitated shorebirds, often were carved from a single, solid piece of wood, mounted on sticks or poles, then stuck into the sand or a marsh.

That said, collectors with an avid interest but fewer dollars to invest can still find good specimens for much less. Prime decoys can be had for a few thousand dollars.

The auction star was a circa 1917 sleeping Canada goose carved and painted by of Massachusetts and deemed worth $684,500 by an enthusiastic bidder. In all, the auction brought $11 million, about double the original estimates.

Herons, cranes, swans and egrets in large numbers also were killed for their plumage, their feathers sold to adorn the hats of late Victorian era women. Some species, such as the passenger pigeon, became extinct, making their decoy effigies that much more important.

Should you find an old duck decoy in PawPaw's shed, don't take it to the lake, give it to the kids or, heaven forbid, let the dog play with it. It could be junk, worthless as the cracked cane pole next to it. Or it could be a prime specimen of American folk art valued at half a million dollars or more.

When McCleery's own collection was auctioned after his death in 1999, the infamous "doctor from Texas" again altered the decoy world.

Among the makers collectors should know are Crowell of Cape Cod, the Ward Brothers (Steve and Lem), August "Gus" Wilson, , Sr. and the Mason Decoy Factory. McCleery lamented that he knew of no great Texas decoy carvers. "Wild Fowl Decoys" by (, $24.95), first published in 1934 and still an important reference.

McCleery. a pathologist, had stunned decoy devotees seven years before by paying $10,500 for a long billed curlew decoy Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Black New Zealand made by in the 1800s.

The effect on decoy carvers was profound, with many going out of business and others adapting to produce more decorative birds meant to adorn mantels .