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Canada Goose Discount Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand

an attack that changed history

"I could feel the bullets hitting the plane and smelled smoke," he said.

"The attack, to me, is like yesterday," Heim said.

Heim managed to grab a machine gun and ran outside, where he began shooting at Japanese aircraft overhead.

"When I come to, I was on all fours, crawling along the wall," he said. "Blood was coming out of somewhere. It scared me to death. I thought I was dying."

"I saw another airplane coming down, and something dropped down from underneath it. Then there was another explosion," he said, adding, "I saw a big red ball."

"As I was writing 'Dear Bob,' I heard lots of airplanes," he said. Navy pilots flying maneuvers so early in the morning.

He recalls the ordeal lasting more than an hour, a time that is etched in his memory.

When he finally reached his post in one of the base hangars, a bomb blew through the ceiling and slammed him against a wall.

Heim went on to train as a pilot and flew 78 combat missions during the war, some of them over the Balkans, France and Germany. He piloted missions in Korea and later flew for the Strategic Air Command.

wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaNEW CUMBERLAND, Pennsylvania (Reuters) World War Two pilot Henry Heim, now 92, says he can still hear the sounds of the attack on Pearl Harbor vividly. Pacific fleet, Americans like Heim are marking the anniversary on Saturday with solemn public ceremonies and private moments of reflection.

Heim tried three times to run to his duty post but each time was strafed by enemy machine gunfire and forced to turn back.

The surprise Japanese air and naval assault on the Hawaiian island of Oahu claimed 2,390 American lives and drew the United States into World War Two. warships and destroyed 323 aircraft, badly crippling the Pacific fleet.

Heim, then 22, was writing a letter to his brother from his barracks at Pearl Harbor when Canada Goose Discount Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand the attack began.

His complaint was cut short by a tremendous explosion, Heim recalled from his home in Pennsylvania earlier this week.

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She said: "My first reaction was 'what happens if a child gets hold of it?' There's no way I could go off and leave that lying in the grass."

However, a spokesman for the Bank House Hotel and Golf Club, which manages the course, said they had given permission for the birds, designated as "vermin", to be shot in case their poo got on golf balls and that the incident was not "particularly of note".

Mr Garrington estimated he lived between 40 and 50 yards from the lake.

"I have counted seven dead geese. I'm concerned about the dangers to people who live here. If someone had been innocently walking across there or with their dog they could have been hit."

Absolutely disgusting! Yet another example of human kind killing animals for merely getting in the way. This snobbery and way of thinking really needs to be addressed otherwise our beautiful wildlife will be gone forever.

What sad times we live in.,Absolutely disgusting! Yet another example of human kind killing animals for merely getting in the way. This snobbery and way of thinking really needs to be addressed otherwise our beautiful wildlife will be gone forever.

The geese are totally unaware of where they choose to be their natural feeding ground. The geese just see an open space and use it for their purpose. How dare the management say the birds faeces are "unhygienic" and "grim". Oh how human etiquette should get in the way. If the ball lands in excrement then pick it up and clean it. I'm sure no one will hold it against you for picking up a ball during play then placing back in it's original position!

Neighbour, 59 year old Kevin Garrington, said: "I'm a bit horrified this happened on our doorstep.

"The way to control them is to shoot them. It's the mess from their faeces that is pretty grim. It's unhygienic.

"It's nothing particularly of note for us."

His wife, animal lover Jennifer, was also disgusted.

She said: "I felt sickened. The geese have been there since we have been here in 1980 it's one of their natural feeding grounds."

However, he said it would "massively concern" him if a shotgun had been handed in which was found on the course and he said he had been contacting other managers to see if this was true.

A spokesman for the hotel said: "We have given permission Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Navy Nz and it takes place here quite regularly. It's how we control the Canada Geese here.

Lyn Kirby, aged 69, of Chapel Lane, Bransford, which lives yards from the course made the grisly discovery while walking her Yorkshire terrier cross Jack Russell, Bertie.

Anger as geese are shot dead on golf course From Worcester News

She did not phone police but her neighbours have reported the incident.

Absolutely disgusting! Yet another example of human kind killing animals for merely getting in the way. This snobbery and way of thinking really needs to be addressed otherwise our beautiful wildlife will be gone forever.

Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Navy Nz

HORRIFIED neighbours have spoken of their outrage after geese were shot dead and their bodies left lying in a golf course lake just yards from their homes.

A spokesperson for the RSPB said although the birds were protected it was legal to shoot them during the open season between September 1 and January 31 next year if someone has a gun sports shooting licence.

"That is not something we would take lightly in the slightest," he added.

"We already spend time dodging golf balls when golfers tee off without having to worry about stray bullets," she said.

"There are a number of Canada Geese which are designated as vermin by the people who determine these things. It's not us who determines them as vermin.

Between seven and eight Canada Geese were found dead in the lake at Bransford Golf Course, near Worcester, yesterday morning after neighbours heard shots the previous evening.

The geese are totally unaware of where they choose to be their natural feeding ground. The geese just see an open space and use it for their purpose. How dare the management say the birds faeces are "unhygienic" and "grim". Oh how human etiquette should get in the way. If the ball lands in excrement then pick it up and clean it. I'm sure no one will hold it against you for picking up a ball during play then placing back in it's original position!

Mrs Kirby also claims she found a double barrelled shotgun with a night sight on the course three weeks ago, handing it in at the golf course clubhouse, which the club is now looking into.

"We would literally end up with hundreds of the things here if we didn't control their numbers.

The manager, who declined to be named, said if a golf ball landed in bird faeces it had to be played or cleaned which was "unhygienic" and was "grim" for people playing on the course.

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She was rushed to the Emergency Room at the University of Alberta Hospital less than a week ago after her family said she was found unresponsive, bleeding, with extensive injuries to her head and face.

The young woman had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

"Patients and patient safety are our focus. All patient safety complaints are thoroughly investigated and reviewed internally. Out of respect for patient confidentiality, as well as the ongoing investigations into this matter, AHS will not be discussing case specific details with or through the media."

AHS launches investigation after Alberta Hospital patient allegedly beaten

At first, her relatives were told by hospital staff that Lisa had slipped in her own urine, and fell the family believes something else happened, and have filed a complaint.

"When Lisa got in from the ambulance, she was just so badly it looked like she was beaten," Michelle Goltman, Lisa's sister, said. "She had slits right down her lips, three goose eggs, she had two black eyes."

AHS released a statement on the case, saying an investigation was underway.

Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Navy Outlet Nz

The family of the patient said her name is Lisa, and she is 22 years old.

Lisa's family said the incident raises concern because they said she's been injured on other occasions since being admitted to Alberta Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Navy Outlet Nz Hospital in July 2012.

Alberta Health Services has launched an investigation, after a woman being treated at Alberta Hospital was rushed to an Edmonton ER, suffering from extensive injuries.

The patient's family also met with Edmonton police officials Wednesday night, police confirmed Thursday that a preliminary investigation had been launched, but unless criminal charges are laid, the case falls under AHS jurisdiction.

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Amy hit back on Wednesday, taking to Twitter and denying the claims.

Comic Amy Schumer has fired back at reports suggesting she has stolen jokes from her peers.

On my life, I have never and would never steal a joke.

Meanwhile, Pescatelli tweeted an example of an alleged rip off, which featured in Schumer's 2015 HBO special, writing, "So many more but nobody listens. at least (Bill) Cosby knocked his victims out b4 (before) he raped them," responding to the sex scandal spinning around the veteran comedian.

Schumer also defended herself during an interview on comic Jim Norton's satellite Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka Black Nz Online radio show on Wednesday, stating, "I wanted to come and talk to you about it and clear my name because I would never ever do that and never have. I'm literally gonna take a polygraph test and. show that I've never seen (Liebman or Pescatelli's acts)."

"On my life, I have never and would never steal a joke," the 34 year old wrote.

The Trainwreck star was accused of nabbing gags from stand up comics Wendy Liebman and Tammy Pescatelli's shows.

Amy Schumer denies joke theft allegations

"Between Amy Schumer doing 1 of my best jokes on her HBO special and this meme of my joke, I'm done with social media, Liebman reportedly tweeted and then deleted.

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Men Canada Goose Pbi Chilliwack Bomber Blue New Zealand

Ottawa contributed more than $8 million to perfect the system. media executive Ted Turner, whose philanthropy has financed several projects aimed at Men Canada Goose Pbi Chilliwack Bomber Blue New Zealand curbing the spread of nuclear weapons. The announcement is scheduled to be made today in Ottawa and New York.

It looks for references to disease outbreaks, contaminated food and water, natural disasters, bioterrorism and exposure to chemical and radiological agents. It will also look for reports about the safety of drugs and medical devices.

Federal officials are to unveil a global health alert system today that will allow scientists to monitor reports in seven languages concerning outbreaks of dangerous diseases and terrorism threats.

The system was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, using Canadian technology.

"This unique, multilingual system gathers and disseminates relevant information on disease outbreaks and other public health events by monitoring global media sources such as news wires and websites," a federal document says.

The system, known as the Global Public Health Intelligence Network II, builds on an earlier system that monitored English language reports of outbreaks of infectious diseases such as SARS.

It will be used by the World Health Organization, a UN agency, and by governments around the world for early warning of potential epidemics or terrorist incidents involving biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear materials.

A report in one of the languages would be quickly translated into the six others for public health officials working around the world.

It can find reports in seven languages English, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and the two most commonly used written forms of Chinese.

alert technology unveiled

Men Canada Goose Pbi Chilliwack Bomber Blue New Zealand

Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Brown Nz

Angry Sunwing passengers say they spent 8 hours stuck on tarmac

"After push back, the aircraft needed to be de iced and issues were compounded due to a technical issue with the de ice truck."

"Air stairs were requested, however the ramp conditions were unsafe for deplaning and had to be de iced and a walkway had to be cleared between the aircraft and the terminal," the statement went on.

The NDP introduced a in 2013 that would have required passengers grounded for more than one hour on tarmacs be allowed to get off planes, or get compensation of $100 per hour. It was blocked by the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois.

After the de icing problem was fixed, the plane "attempted to taxi to the runway but was unable to do so due to the accumulation of snow and ice," according to the statement.

"During this time conditions rapidly deteriorated with significant precipitation in the form of ice pellets and freezing rain," the airline added.

That flight didn't end up leaving until the afternoon, making the passengers even more miserable and exhausted by the time they got to Calgary around dinnertime Tuesday.

The first 90 minutes were spent waiting for the airport to clear the runways, Sunwing said.

It also issued a statement Wednesday blaming bad weather and equipment failures for the delay.

The airline apologized for the inconvenience and has offered each passenger $150 off future travel.

Travellers can also complain to the Canadian Transportation Agency if they feel their agreements with the airlines, known as tariff provisions, have been breached.

Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Brown Nz

After that, two different airplane "tugs" were unable to "get the necessary grip" on the plane to pull it to a place to safely let passengers off, the airline said.

Robert Hansen, who was also on the flight, said he would like "some more rights as a passenger."

However, the CTA recently dismissed the complaint of a traveller whose Sunwing flight was delayed by more than six hours in January. The adjudicator wrote in his ruling that "as pointed out by Sunwing, the Agency has determined, in previous decisions, carriers should have the flexibility to alter their schedules to respond to commercial and operational obligations, and that tariff provisions reflecting such flexibility are therefore just and reasonable."

A flight from the Dominican Republic to Calgary that was supposed to land before midnight on Monday didn't touch ground until dinnertime Tuesday, after repeated delays, including some eight hours spent sitting on an a tarmac in Ontario, angry passengers say. EST in Hamilton, Ont., to refuel and change crews.

Passenger Pauline Lamoureaux, who was on board with her husband and five year old daughter, said they were given only cookies and juice in the final hour before they were let off the plane. She said passengers became so Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Brown Nz frustrated that they called 911. EST for the final leg of the flight.

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Copper Mountain's slopestyle course offered both large and smaller take offs, unlike Breckenridge's Dew Tour slopestyle course or the X Games slopestyle course at Aspen's Buttermilk ski area. Snowboarding Team uniforms on Wednesday. The Vermont based company which pretty much owns snowboarding, with a majority share of all snowboard, binding and apparel sales has outfitted Olympic snowboarders in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. For 2014, Burton went old school. As in handcrafted, quilting old school.

Vonn has won 14 times at Lake Louise, sometimes dubbed Lake Lindsey because of her dominance there, but she is taking a cautious approach to training runs after blowing out her right knee twice at the 2013 world championships and again while training at Copper Mountain later that year. Snowboarding and Freeskiing Grand Prix on December 21, 2013 in Copper Mountain, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

kind of crazy, said Wallisch, who is from Pittsburgh. of us ever grew up dreaming of going to the Olympics. The X Games and going out skiing with your friends was kind of all you could ever accomplish. It wasn like a world famous sport. It always been more of a hobby. I got my start making videos of doing this kind of skiing, out in the cities and in the backcountry, in the park, putting out those videos and getting known for that. To go from being a kid, weekend warrior, skiing two days a week on the East Coast to being able to say, sport going to be in the Olympics, to legitimize it like that, it amazing. It a crazy turn of events, something I never would have dreamed of. None of us every had that dream. I feel like it blowing my mind every day that we going to have a chance like this. Ski Team training camp in Portillo, Chile.

Park City, Utah The three day Olympic Media Summit for the upcoming Games in Sochi, Russia, began here Monday with a figure skating news conference, and it was only a matter of time before the skaters were asked for their opinions regarding Russia recent anti gay legislation.

California Snow Park Technologies is the same outfit that builds the 22 foot X Games superpipe at Aspen Buttermilk ski area, where the greatest competitive snowboarder has won a record six consecutive gold medals.

Burton designers drew their jacket inspiration from a vintage quilt they discovered at an antique fair. A Vermont quilt maker refined the design and it was replicated using high end fabrics, Burton own waterproofing laminate and a breathable membrane.

Bad weather is dangerous for men and women slopestyle skiers and snowboarders. But the lighter women, who fight to maintain essential speed to clear big jumps, are especially at risk on courses with only one take off jump. Those single lips are big, designed mostly to hurl speedy men into the sky so they can spin as many as four times while flipping two or three times.

worked with Snow Park Technologies to build a custom halfpipe and slopestyle features for Shaun Olympic training. GoPro and SPT scouted many locations across the globe, the spot in Australia was chosen based upon conditions and timing, said GoPro spokeswoman Katie Kilbride.

After two more days of downhill training runs, there will be downhill races Friday and Saturday and a super G on Sunday.

The hand stitched look, coupled with waterproofed corduroy pants the uniform a hippy vibe that lines up with snowboarding's laid back culture while paying respect to America's longstanding creative heritage, said Greg Dacyshyn, Chief Creative Officer at Burton Snowboards, in a statement. will stand out in Sochi for sure."

Comments Off on Shaun White training in private halfpipe again

Vail Lindsey Vonn finished 18th Tuesday in a World Cup downhill training run at Lake Louise, Alberta, her first action in nearly a year. teammates finished ahead of her, led by Julia Mancuso, who was seventh.

Park City, Utah New sports for the 2014 Sochi Olympics include slopestyle skiing and snowboarding and halfpipe skiing. Freesking icon Tom Wallisch spoke for many slopestyle skiers at the Olympic Media Summit Tuesday when he said he can hardly believe his sport will be part of the Olympics next February.

Shaun White, the perennial king of snowboard halfpipe, has again enlisted his sponsor GoPro to sculpt a private halfpipe in Australia as the 27 year old aims for this third Olympic pipe gold in the Sochi Winter Games next February.

All Things Colorado Sports

Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Light Grey Nz Online

knee has been a work in progress, I guess, Miller said Monday at the Olympic Media Summit, a media event focusing on the Sochi Games in February. was great down in Portillo, I had no pain and was skiing with high intensity within reason. I had been off snow quite a bit, so I wasn't really taking a lot of risks. At this point the one thing in an Olympic season that you do have to be a little more cognizant about is risk management. It's easy to make stupid mistakes in the summer training. Comments Off on Bode Miller eyes fifth Olympics at age 36, knee Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Light Grey Nz Online is good

have gay family members and I have a lot of friends in the LBGT community, so I'm so nervous to be talking about this, it's that taboo I just have such a firm stance on this, Wagner said. really believe we should all have equal rights. I obviously do not support the legislation in Russia, but at the same time it's not my place to go into Russia and tell them how to run their country. I'm just an athlete. Todd Wells on his way to victory in the 2011 Leadville Trail 100 is hopeful the next year could buoy mountain bike racing as cycling governing bodies mull a rule that impacts local races like the Leadville Trail 100. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)

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Court was told that, over two years, more than 1,500 chickens died of neglect on their way to the company Brampton slaughterhouse.

The second salvo came last week when Animal Justice filed similar complaints with both the Competition Bureau and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency against chicken processor Maple Lodge Farms.

Indeed, the company website does have a restful, bucolic air, far removed from the realities of a slaughterhouse that kills roughly 500,000 birds a day.

Even after the court decision, Maple Lodge continued to run afoul of the CFIA rules for transporting animals. In the first nine months of 2014, it was cited on 14 separate occasions by the federal regulator and fined a total of $109,200.

Men Canada Goose Constable Parka Black Outlet Nz

So now one group hopes to use laws against false and misleading advertising to help animals

The website does, however, include a section in which the company speaks of its efforts to ensure that both the transportation and killing of chickens is done as humanely as possible.

The complaint comes just days after CTV aired brutal video footage of chickens being processed at Maple Lodge Brampton plant.

The first salvo was fired in mid March when Animal Justice, comprised largely of lawyers, lodged a complaint against iconic parka manufacturer Canada Goose for claiming that coyotes used in its clothing are trapped humanely. Animal Justice says that false and that snares and leg hold traps cause coyotes great suffering.

The point in that case was that consumers increasingly make food decisions on the basis of how the animals they eat are treated when alive. Even though the Australian processors were technically correct in their ads, the impression left with consumers was so off the mark as to be deceptive.

What has any of this got to with misleading advertising? Animal Justice argues that Maple Lodge public portrayal of itself is so at odds with the facts Men Canada Goose Constable Parka Black Outlet Nz of its slaughter and transport methods as to be deceptive.

In that case, the companies hadn exactly lied when they claimed their chickens were to roam in large barns. But, as the judge ruled, they hadn exactly told the truth either. For 42 days of their 56 day lifespan, these particular chickens were jammed into barns in a way that left them not free to roam at all.

Animal activists try a new gambit to help chickens

In 2013, it was found guilty of failing to transport chickens humanely. Eventually, it was fined $80,000.

In the past, I don think Animal Justice would have had much chance of success. Advertising is notoriously self serving. While businesses aren allowed to lie about their products, regulators rarely require them to volunteer the whole truth.

My efforts to reach Maple Lodge spokeswoman were unsuccessful Friday. But she has told The Canadian Press that the company takes animal welfare seriously and is working with experts.

Maple Lodge told CTV that it was disturbed by the footage and would investigate.

There is no visual indication of the conditions under which most real life chickens, that usually spend their short lives in overcrowded conditions, are raised and slaughtered.

The home page shows a farmer in overalls and plaid shirt walking through a lush field on a sunny day. The animal welfare section features five handsome fowl wandering in a veritable Eden of greenery.

The video, taken by a Maple Lodge employee, showed chickens being bashed around as workers, hurrying to meet their quotas, yanked them from their crates and hung them upside down.

In this case, Animal Justice alleges that Maple Lodge is misleading consumers by suggesting it treats chickens humanely.

An attempt 15 years ago to strengthen federal animal cruelty laws famously bogged down in Parliament after hunters, anglers, farmers and religious groups persuaded MPs and senators to back off.

The Brampton chicken processor has had run ins with the law.

It also says its chickens, raised by other firms under contract, are not caged but freely on floors covered with soft, dry bedding,

But Animal Justice spokeswoman Anna Pippus points to an interesting Australian precedent. In 2013, a court there ordered two large chicken processors to pay $400,000 in penalties for deceptive advertising.

Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Blue Topaz New Zealand

don really care how I place, it just nice to be able to run with people you idolize over the years. I just love it. ran times of 11.84 and 24.55, highly impressive for someone that is technically still in high school. She ran slightly faster last weekend (11.63 and 24.51) at the CALTAF Classic in Calgary, where she finished second in the 200 and first in the 100, earning a spot at the DBI and the opportunity to compete alongside her heroes on her hometown track before a big crowd.

I go to Arizona, with the proper training I know I can one day become (like) these great elite athletes I just ran against, and I now know what to expect with running against an older group and amazing people, she said.

Two Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Blue Topaz New Zealand weeks ago, Isatu Fofanah was running against high school kids at Foote Field.

overwhelming. I can really describe (my emotions), she said. just happy to be here and running with them and I thank everyone who supported everyone throughout the years in track. is but the latest stop on an incredible journey for Fofanah, who as a young child immigrated to Canada to escape the violence in her native Siera Leone. She lived with an aunt in Ponoka before coming to Harry Ainlay this fall.

just such a great honour to be invited to this amazing meet (with) amazing athletes and I just happy to be here, said the 18 year old, who finished last in both her races.

Ainlay grad gets

Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Blue Topaz New Zealand

Back in the same place Saturday afternoon, she could look down the starting blocks and see the likes of Canadian Olympic medal contender Jessica Zelinka and Jamacia Sheri Ann Brooks, a former Commonwealth Games champion.

Unlike the recent Alberta Schools Athletic Association track and field championship, where she won gold medals in both the 100m and 200m, Fofanah didn dominate the competition.

Having competed at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, Fofanah goal is to make the 2016 Summer Olympics, and seems to be moving, rather quickly, along the right path.

This time, though, it wasn about winning.

Fofanah will soon be off to Flagstaff, Ariz., where she will attend Northern Arizona University on an athletic scholarship beginning later this summer.

The Grade 12 Harry Ainlay student lined up against the strongest fields of her young life, competing in the women 100 metre and 200 metre races at the Donovan Bailey Invitational.

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Their most distinctive feature, worn only by females, is a piece of dorsal spine that protrudes above their mouths like a fishing pole hence their name. Tipped with a lure of luminous flesh this built in rod baits prey close enough to be snatched. Their mouths are so big and their bodies so pliable, they can actually swallow prey up to twice their own size.

The angry looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky. It is quite possibly the ugliest animal on the planet, and it lives in what is easily Earth's most inhospitable habitat: the lonely, lightless bottom of the sea.

The male, which is significantly smaller than the female, has no need for such an adaptation. In lieu of continually seeking the vast abyss for a female, it has evolved into a permanent parasitic mate. When a young, free swimming male angler encounters a female, he latches onto her with his sharp teeth. Over time, the male physically fuses with the female, Canada Goose Cheap Trillium Parka Nz connecting to her skin and bloodstream and losing his eyes and all his internal organs except the testes. A female will carry six or more males on her body.

Canada Goose Cheap Trillium Parka Nz

Anglerfish Pictures

Canada Goose Cheap Trillium Parka Nz

There are more than 200 species of anglerfish, most of which live in the murky depths of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans, up to a mile below the surface, although some live in shallow, tropical environments. Generally dark gray to dark brown in color, they have huge heads and enormous crescent shaped mouths filled with sharp, translucent teeth. Some angler fish can be quite large, reaching 3.3 feet (1 meter) in length. Most however are significantly smaller, often less than a foot.