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wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaLAC LA BICHE, Alberta Fire ravaged Alberta will usedrones to investigate the cause of a huge blaze that has scorched the Canadian province and displaced some 88,000 people.

Alberta flies drones to find cause of devastating wildfire in Canada

Downward wind from helicopter blades can disturb the scene, forcing the pilot to stay about 1,000 feet in the air. Adronecan capture images from 100 feet.

Thedrones use cameras outfitted with infrared, ultraviolet and traditional optical cameras to pinpoint the hottest part of the fire and trace it to its source based on time, wind and other factors. The cameras will shoot about 800 images, which are then stitched together in a process called fire mapping.

The work begins on Tuesday, coordinated with the other air traffic, including air tankers and helicopters.

Thedrones that Elevated will use are manufactured by China's DJI and sell for $1,900 to $6,500. They are roughly 1 foot wide by 2 feet across, about the same size as those hobbyists use.

The images, if successful, will zero down to a spot on the ground with about a 30 foot (9 meter) radius where the fire is believed to have started. From there, investigators will search on foot for the cause, such as a lightning strike or campfire.

"It's like Google Maps but 100 times better," Matthews said at a police roadblock south of Fort McMurray, Alberta, as smoke from the 156,000 hectare (385,000 acre) fire blackened the sky.

Thedrones use cameras outfitted with infrared, ultraviolet and traditional optical cameras to pinpoint the hottest part of the fire and trace it to its source based on time, wind and other factors. The cameras will shoot about 800 images, which are then stitched together in a process called fire mapping.

An Alberta government official confirmed it had a contract with Elevated. Hub was not immediately available for comment.

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Even so,drones pose challenges. Because their batteries last only 45 minutes, they will have to land for fresh ones several times for a fire this big, making it more difficult to precisely shoot different parts of the area, Windmueller said.

Using the more traditional method of gathering images from Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Navy Nz Online helicopters, the fire's cause could be narrowed only to half an acre, a much larger area to search on the ground, said Ron Windmueller, owner ofDroneology, which supplies equipment and other services to Elevated.

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Humphrey (voiced by Justin Long) can caper about with his friends all day. That's what the omegas, mutts of the pack, can do. But there's no point having a crush on Kate. Kate (voiced by Hayden Panettiere ) is an alpha dog. She's destined to hunt and to mate with the son of a rival pack Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka Brown Nz to bring peace to their valley. She knows it and accepts that duty from her dad (Danny Glover) and mom (Vicki Lewis).

Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka Brown Nz

And the 3 D here is only striking during snowball fights and caribou stampedes.

Still, the message is benign and the humor harmless. Yes, the bar has been raised for animation's also rans, and it's a pretty good looking movie. If you go knowing you're not seeing Pixar's new version of the state of the art, if you tell your kids not to expect the last word in animated entertainment, "Alpha and Omega" won't disappoint. Much.

The Chris Denk/Steve Moore script has a classic odyssey structure but too few incidents to energize the journey. There are funny lines and situations. Want to insult a wolf? Call him a "coyote." But there aren't enough jokes, and characters aren't fleshed in enough to make them interesting. Too many animated films hire name actors (Christina Ricci among them, voicing Kate's omega sister) and expect their "performance" to perk up dull writing. It never does.

She only questions that obligation when she realizes her intended, Garth (Chris Carmack), has no howl. As in "Happy Feet," wolves lure mates by crooning wordless scat singing, really. Garth's tone deaf. And just as Kate's wondering what to do, game wardens tranquilize her and lumpy Humphrey and transport them to an Idaho park where they're to "repopulate" the place with wolves.

Will Eve and Humphrey make it back to Canada, maybe with the help of a golfing Canada goose (Larry Miller)? Will they get there in time to prevent war between dad's pack and the one led by Tony (Dennis Hopper, in his final performance)? Will Alpha and Omega cross that class barrier and find puppy love?

'Alpha and Omega' no leader of the pack

Only Lewis, as Kate's sweet voiced but ferociously protective mom, lands consistent laughs.

It's about wolves living free in the wilds of a park in Canada. The pack is separated into alphas the leadership and hunting class, who only breed with their kind and the omegas, the goofy hangers on who don't really pull their weight in the pack.

But as with any movie, this kids' film is only as good as its writing the jokes, the cute bits, the heart. And that's where "Alpha and Omega" comes up short.

It's nothing short of amazing to think how far even animation's B pictures have come in just a few short years. Compare "Alpha and Omega," a new 3 D 'toon from Crest Animation (and Lionsgate) to "Hoodwinked" or "Fly Me to the Moon" cut rate pictures from just a couple of years ago. Visually, the newer film is light years ahead of those efforts. You've never seen 3 D dog drool this real.

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There may be reasons to reform the Senate along the lines Preston Manning proposes, but from Quebec, some of his views look a bit parochial and outdated (Reform, Not Abolition, Is In The East's Interests June 10).

There used to be a lazy reflex on the part of powerful opinion makers in the East to dismiss the West. When that is done in reverse, it is no more persuasive.

David Winch, Montreal

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Soldiers' letters often mentioned arriving at concentration camps in England or France.

Rather than looking at "visible minority" as a group, many academics have advocated for the use of disaggregated data, which allow for a more refined way of measuring and hence addressing the disparities faced by different racialized communities. By "whitewashing" the issue of race, Frances Woolley's proposal would simply lead to further inequities.

While it may look from the booming West that Quebec has a "declining population," that, of course, is only relative. Its population has grown from about six million to more than eight million over the past four decades. Even in relative terms, Quebec is largely holding its own these days: At 24 per cent of the national population, the province now draws about 22 per cent of new immigrants to Canada. And its birth rate has once again risen higher than the national average. Quebec's economy is far from stagnant. The latest federal jobs report told of boom conditions across the country; Alberta and Quebec are drawing job seekers.

In public history, the first consideration is to put events in the context of their time appreciating what things meant on their own terms, rather than what we think they meant. Yes, the government referred to the internment facilities as "concentration camps." But to presume a whitewash in the omission of this "harsh term" from the exhibition is mistaken: At the time of the First World War, it was not a harsh term. It simply referred to any place where people were brought together, or concentrated.

The internees' experience is central to the exhibition, as it should be, but that experience couldn't be presented in isolation. Parks Canada should make no apologies for including background material on labour and the global conflict, for it is essential to understanding the internment. Without that context, historical details are meaningless or, worse, misleading.

If there was nothing wrong with this program when Liberal defence minister Bill Graham approved it in 2005, why did the Conservatives get rid of it a couple of years later? And if f there was something wrong with this program, why did the Conservatives bring it back in 2011? And why did they do so in secret?

And why are they hiding information on the program now behind blacked out (redacted) lines and paragraphs in documents released through the Access to Information process?

Burris Devanney, HalifaxThe secretive Canadian Communications Security Establishment should have a civilian oversight board of directors to ensure that surveillance of electronic communications Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand does not threaten the basic human rights and civil liberties of Canadians. government "call log" involving millions of Verizon customers is surprising. If we deem this to be an unacceptable intrusion of privacy, we should all get off the Internet. Fast. Or, we can collectively acknowledge what has already become so apparent: Privacy with a capital P is a thing of the past. When so many of us eagerly share the details of our private lives on public of platforms, is this really something we can decry?Re Mixed Reaction To Exhibition Marking A Dark Wartime Chapter (June 10): In the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I was consulted during the process of developing the Banff exhibition dealing with the First World War internment of Eastern Europeans.

Re 'Visible Minority:' A Misleading Concept That Ought To Be Retired (online, June 10): While the term "visible minority" is fraught with issues the key one being it uses "white" as a standard against which everyone else is measured it is wrong to propose that "race" be abandoned as a concept to be considered in pursuing equity in Canada. Members of racialized communities (including African and Asian Canadians, among others) including those who were born in Canada earn less than white Canadians and experience higher unemployment rates. That should tell us something else is at play, other than language and immigration status.

Jonathan F. Vance, Department of History, University of Western Ontario

Re MacKay Approved Surveillance (June 10): The Harper government, which got rid of the long form census because it allegedly intruded upon the privacy of Canadians, has been making use of a secret electronic eavesdropping program to track our telephone and Internet activities.

and other letters to the editor

P is for privacy

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Geese have a high rate of nesting success because they're big enough and aggressive enough to fend off many predators that can easily take the young of smaller waterfowl cats, foxes, raccoons and other small predators of eggs and young don't have a chance against a pair of angry Canada goose parents and for that matter, woe to the human who gets too close to a nest. Unlike truly wild waterfowl, resident Canada's that have not been hunted have very little fear of humans, and will readily go after anyone they perceive to be a threat to their young.

Hunting wild Canada's is a challenging sport, and some hunters in areas like Maryland's eastern shore, where waterfowling is developed to a high art, rely on actual mounted geese and pit blinds in order to fool hard hunted migratory birds into coming within range.

Those who live on or near lakefronts where the big birds have taken over are generally good with an annual cull to keep the populations within reason. At areas like the waterfront parks in Guntersville as well as Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville, there are so many of the birds defecating on the sidewalks that human guests leave with shoes that look like they've made a trip to a barnyard. The birds can also be damaging to water quality in small lakes, where the hundreds of pounds of droppings destroy the water quality completely for fish and other aquatic creatures.

10 25, waterfowlers are finally able to get back to the marshes for some wingshooting this month.

Hunting is clearly not an option in urban areas, but many geese do fly out of their humanized home zones daily to feed, particularly as the agricultural fields in rural areas are harvested, forming a ready source of high protein food. (Those at Big Spring get so much food from visiting humans that they never leave, so this does not apply in their case.)

That's not the case with resident Canada's that have seen little pressure, however a dozen decoys set in a cornfield or on a shallow pond where the birds have been seen feeding will usually be adequate to bring them in the first time. They're smart and they learn fast. A goose call, judiciously used, is also an asset in turning distant birds on the wing in the right direction.

Canada's were fairly rare in Alabama except for the migrating birds that came south in late fall until the 1980's, when the state stocked some 1900 pairs in 47 counties in an effort to start resident populations. The effort worked so well that there are now too many of the 15 to 20 pound birds in too many places, and too few hunters to limit their numbers. The state has steadily ratcheted up the bag limit, but this has had no apparent Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Navy Nz Sale impact on the burgeoning goose numbers.

Alabama waterfowl seasons now getting underway

Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Navy Nz Sale

While the general non hunting public is pretty much oblivious to the waterfowling scene, most of which takes place in remote wetlands and agricultural fields along the river valleys, many do have an opinion about the harvest of Canada geese.

Wild geese, like other waterfowl, do not generally do well with the slow oven roasting that works fine for fatty domestic fowl. Best I've found for geese is to fillet the breasts off the animal, add a wine or orange sauce of your choosing, and cook them fast in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes, until the inside of the breast is pink, or red if you like your steaks that way too. The meat will be tender and somewhat similar to aged beef in appearance when cut across the grain.

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Morrison said a lack of rain baking the forest to combustible conditions contributed to the power of the Fort McMurray blaze.

Morrison said winds were moving the blaze away from Fort McMurray.

Alberta fire evacuees get view of damage

The road took convoys past blocks largely reduced to grey wastelands of charred concrete and ash, a gutted Super 8 motel and a levelled gas station.

Those who managed to escape south settled in hotels, campgrounds, with friends or at temporary reception centres.

Chad Morrison, Alberta's senior wildfire manager, said critical infrastructure the downtown, the water treatment plant, the hospital and the airport remained intact.

The blaze also hit the evacuated village of Anzac to the south of the city late Thursday, hitting between 18 and 20 structures.

Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee said there were almost 500 firefighters in and Cheap Women Canada Goose Palliser Coat Berry Nz around Fort McMurray supported by 11 helicopters, 12 pieces of heavy equipment, and 16 water bombers.

A provincewide fire ban was still in effect Friday. Larivee also ordered a ban on recreational use of off highway vehicles, while Notley urged Albertans to avoid forests altogether.

"It was shocking to see the damaged cars all burned on the side of the road. It made you feel lucky to get out of there."

Scott Long of the Alberta Emergency Management Agency confirmed a few people had defied the evacuation order and stayed in Fort McMurray's downtown, but there were no reports of looting.

About 1,800 were being housed at the Northlands Expo Centre in Edmonton. A city official said one challenge was dealing with stress caused by thousands bunking on cots in one big hall. People staying there were likely to remain for at least two weeks or more, he said.

Notley said the plan was to get 500 vehicles out by ground and 5,500 people by air on Friday. Another 4,000 were to go Saturday. About 7,000 left by air Thursday.

The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined.

There was no update on the number of structures burned, which stood at 1,600 Wednesday, mainly in city neighbourhoods to the south and southwest.

Officials said shifting winds were giving the embattled northern Alberta city a break, but they added the fire that forced 80,000 people from their homes remained out of control and was likely to burn for weeks.

"This is a dynamic, challenging, extreme fire, so many things can happen. But at this point the prediction over the next two days is for the fire to move away to the northeast," he said.

"The city of Fort McMurray is not safe to return to, and this will be true for a significant period of time," she told a briefing in Edmonton.

About 1,200 vehicles had passed through by late afternoon despite a one hour interruption due to heavy smoke.

"It looked like a war zone," Dunstan said at a rest stop south of the fire ravaged city.

"We are better now that we are out."

The sprawling fire in northeastern Alberta reached 1,000 square kilometres bigger than the size of Calgary. Officials said they expected it would double over the weekend.

In Edmonton, Premier Rachel Notley announced the government will provide financial help to evacuees for immediate needs. Adults are to receive $1,250 each and dependents $500. The cost is estimated at $100 million. It was escorted by the RCMP and a police helicopter in the air to warn of any renewed fire danger.

Donations continued to stream in from around the country.

His wife said they escaped Tuesday through smoke and flames, but soon ran out of gas.

More than 20,000 displaced residents had been living in oilsands work camps since Tuesday after the blaze cut the main road through Fort McMurray and sent residents fleeing either north or south.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Palliser Coat Berry Nz

Jim Dunstan was in the convoy with his wife, Tracy, and two young sons.

The Red Cross reported about $30 million had been donated for victim relief. government pledged $300,000 and Saskatchewan put up $250,000. The federal government has promised to match Red Cross donations.

"It was pretty scary, especially when you have kids. It was so smoky it hurt my eyes," she said.

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All of the animals at the compound have been injured, rescued from danger or orphaned. Most will be returned to nature in a matter of weeks, some in days. But a few remain as permanent residents, unable to fend for themselves, such as Casey the fox, Jimmy the crow and Bobby the sparrow hawk.

There isnt a day that goes by that I dont learn something. Constantly, new things are going on.

Roth says he is undaunted by the local culinary fare he has been told to expect: porcupine, hedgehog, python, alligator and monkey.

Elsewhere around the five acre compound are a red tail hawk, a screech owl, a fox, deer, raccoons, rabbits, possums, squirrels, a Canada goose, woodchucks just about any animal that is found in the wild in McHenry County. Inside the house that serves as a combination office hospital, an approximately 200 year old Blandings turtle pokes its head up from the partially filled bathtub. The turtle was rescued by a resident from a precarious position on a highway, and Joosten says it will be placed in a

Director Sally Joosten says he is one of the most active of about 80 people who help at the center.

That would have been my choice if I had one, Roth says. Im going to have a chance to live in a rain forest. Were losing a lot of those around the world. And Im going to have to learn French. Its going to be an interesting change in lifestyle.

Animals Get Chance To Return To The Wild

I had known Sally for many, many years, and Ive known her work. After my wife died, I gave some donations out here. The more I got involved, the more I wanted to help. I do whatever is necessary, wherever I can help.

The injuries of 98 percent of all creatures brought in here are directly or indirectly caused by man, Joosten says.

Living in Western society is fine, but you reach the saturation point, Roth says. Ill really get back to the basics there.

safe pond away from any roads.

Im going to miss him, Joosten says. I dont think Ive met a man quite like him. Hes our all around helper. The Peace Corps is gaining, and we are losing.

The permanent residents either have injuries that prevent their return or have become too accustomed to humans for their own good. Some will act as surrogate parents for orphaned young that are brought in.

Im open minded, he says. Im not squeamish when it comes to that.

Roth sold his home because hes joining the Peace Crops. He leaves in June for six weeks training in the African nation of Zaire, followed by a two year stint in Gabon, a country on the African west coast, where he will manage woodworking shops that will produce school desks.

I had checked into several volunteer groups, and it seemed that they

Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Brown New Zealand

Roth has volunteered at the center for more than a year. I lost my wife a year ago last December, and the old world kind of came to a stop, he says. My wife was a real lover of wildlife. A lot of this is in her memory.

Roth, who recently retired as a machinist, says he has relished hisNow that I dont work, I really dont know how I ever had the time to work, he says. Its such a relief to be able to do the things I really enjoy. Thats what retirement should be.

(the Peace Corps) had the most concern for the people for whom they work, he says.

underprivileged inner city youths. Until recently, he also was a member of a volunteer search and rescue squad, but resigned when he sold his home and had to give up the Doberman pinscher that had been his tracking dog.

During about 40 hours of volunteer work he puts in weekly, Roth, 60, does maintenance work and helps with the care and feeding of the animals. Recently the center had about 80, but this figure will grow into the hundreds mostly orphaned young by mid to late June.

He recently completed construction on the 48 foot flight cage that will be the young orphaned owls home until it is able to return to the wild and fend for itself. He also has donated equipment and money for the operation.

He says he told the Peace Corps he would work anywhere, but was happy to draw the assignment in Gabon, a former French possession.

He was a volunteer firefighter when he lived in Union and a volunteer paramedic when he lived in Woodstock. He also helps at a county food pantry and at Pleasant Valley, an outdoor nature and recreation area for

He explains that a key element of the care of the wild animals brought to the center is to prevent them from becoming comfortable around humans.

Roth, a Chicago native who has lived in McHenry County Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Brown New Zealand since 1941, is no stranger to volunteer work.

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American Goldfinch Pictures

Voice Call: various, including per chik o ree or a descending ti di di di; given mainly in flight. Song: a long series of musical phrases, often repeated randomly; similar to the lesser. Not known to mimic other species.

Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Nz

Identification A relatively large carduelid. Breeding male: unmistakable. Body entirely bright lemon yellow with white undertail coverts. Jet black cap. Black wings with yellow lesser coverts and narrow white tips to greater coverts, forming 2 white wing bars along with white edging to the tertials. White inner webs to most of the tail feathers. Pink, conical bill. Breeding female: very different from male. Underparts very yellow with white undertail coverts, while upperparts, including head, olive green. Lower wing bar buffy and quite wide. Tail feathers with white tips and inner webs. Bill pinkish. Winter male: cinnamon brown above and on breast and flanks, with white lower belly and undertail coverts, yellowish wash on throat and face, and muted black on forehead. Wings more boldly patterned. Yellow lesser coverts. Wide, whitish lower wing bar. Bill darker than in breeding season. Winter female: mostly drab gray body with black wings and 2 bold buffy wing bars. White undertail coverts and edging to tail feathers. Dark bill. Immature male: black on forehead reduced or lacking. Lesser coverts duller. Juvenile: resembles adult female. Unstreaked.

The brightly colored male American goldfinch is especially recognizable. The American regularly Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Nz visits seed feeders, particularly in the east. It is often very gregarious, especially during the nonbreeding season, when it flocks to roadsides and brushy fields to feed on thistle and sunflowers. It is often heard in flight, giving distinct flight calls. Polytypic (4 named ssp.; differences slight). Length 5" (13 cm).

Status and Distribution Common throughout much of United States and southern Canada. Breeding: a variety of habitats, from weedy fields to open second growth woodland, and along riparian corridors, particularly in the West. Does not breed over much of southern third of United States. Winter: populations from northern third of breeding range migrate to southern United States and Mexico, augmenting resident populations throughout middle section of the United States.

Similar Species The male is unlike any other finch in North America; the Wilson's warbler is the only other bright yellow species with a black cap, but it does not have the finchlike bill or the bold wing pattern of the American. All other plumages can be separated from the lesser goldfinch by their bolder wing pattern and white undertail coverts. The female Lawrence's goldfinch is gray like a nonbreeding adult female American, but note the American's wider, buffier wing bars and different pattern of white in tail. The call notes of the American are very distinct from those of the Lesser and the Lawrence's.

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By Stalk Hunting Only


By Stalk Hunting Only


By Stalk Hunting Only

Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Coffee New Zealand

All deer hunting is closed on Bankhead and Talladega (Talladega Division) National Forests on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week during the season, except deer hunting shall be allowed on Tuesday, November 20, Wednesday, November 21, Tuesday, December 25 and Wednesday, December 26.


(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) November 17 January 31By Dog or Stalk Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Coffee New Zealand Hunting November 17 December 27

DEER: BUCKS ONLY with bare antlers visible above natural hairline one a day. Guns or Bow and Arrow.

Bibb, Chilton and Perry, except National Forest Lands and that area east of Alabama Hwy. Hwy. 82 and north of Alabama Hwy. 183. Hwy. 231, south of Alabama Hwy. 14, west of Tumkeehatchee Creek and north of the Tallapoosa River. Franklin, except National Forest Lands and that area south of Alabama Hwy. 24, east of County Road 81 and Alabama Hwy. 243.

By Stalk Hunting Only

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) January 16 January 31

By Stalk Hunting Only (except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Autauga; Baldwin, except south of Intracoastal Canal; Barbour; Blount; Bullock; Butler; Calhoun, except National Forest Lands; Choctaw; Clarke; Clay, except National Forest Lands; Coffee; Colbert; Conecuh; Covington; Crenshaw; Cullman; Dale; Dallas, except National Forest Lands; Escambia; Etowah; Fayette; Geneva; Greene; Hale, except National Forest Lands; Henry; Jefferson; Lee; Lowndes; Macon, except the Tuskegee National Forest which is open to stalk hunting only; Marengo; Marion; Mobile; Monroe; Montgomery; Pickens; Pike; Russell; St. Clair; Shelby; Sumter; Talladega, except National Forest Lands; Tallapoosa; Tuscaloosa, except National Forest Lands; Walker; Washington; Wilcox; Winston, except National Forest Lands.

That area of Bibb, Chilton and Perry, east of Alabama Hwy. Hwy. 82 and north of Alabama Hwy. 183. Hwy. 231, south of Alabama Hwy. 14, west of Tumkeehatchee Creek and north of the Tallapoosa River. That area of Franklin, south of Alabama Hwy. 24, east of County Road 81 and Alabama Hwy. 243, except National Forest Lands.

Any party controlling hunting rights may, by choice, be more restrictive on seasons and bag limits than those stipulated below.

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) December 28 January 31

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) January 16 January 31

National Forest Lands in Calhoun, Clay, Talladega and Winston Counties.

(NO DOGS OR BUCKSHOT) January 16 January 31

and Trapping Seasons and Limits 2001

By Dog or Stalk Hunting (except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) November 17 January 15

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Eileen Rhoads expects it to bring more than $15,000. That session also features child size furniture originally from the Garbisch collection.

Sunday's sale includes works by such well known artisans as R. decoy carving began. Three of the decoys, with four figure presale estimates listed in the $25 auction catalog, are an American brant ($1,500 to $1,800), an early black duck, and a pintail preener (both $2,000 to $2,500), made by John W. McLoughlin of Bordentown on the Delaware River.

Other Barnegat Bay artisans represented by works in the auction include Harry V. Shourds of Tuckerton; his grandson, Harry V. Shourds of Seaville; Hurley Conklin; and Nathan "Rowley" Horner. Along with the bearskin rug ($200 to $300), sports related items include a vintage four oared sculling boat, the kind still used by duck hunters near the Delaware Bay, which has a presale estimate of $600 to $800. to sale time Sunday.

Carolyn Sunstein collection. The event at the Rhoads Rhoads Auction Center is a two day closeout liquidation tomorrow and Sunday of dollhouses, miniatures, and toys from the collection of the late Carolyn Sunstein, founder of the Philadelphia Miniaturia Show. It was put together by Eileen Rhoads, proprietor of the center with her husband, Ron.

The Midwest, in the Mississippi wildfowl flyover region (one of four flyover regions into which the United States is divided, along with the Atlantic to the east and the central and Pacific to the west), has its own decoy industry.

The shaving mugs, a single lot of 32 mugs dating to the late 19th and early 20th centuries and enough to get a collector started, are expected to sell for $100 to $200. The 21 by 74 inch pine invalid bed, which basically rests on the floor and is one of many pieces of furniture in the auction ranging from William and Mary to contemporary, should sell for $100 to $150.

Pook Pook variety sale. at the gallery at 463 E. Lancaster Ave., Downingtown. The lots include such items as American Indian artifacts, collectible shaving mugs, a pine invalid bed, and a water clock almost all in the three figure price range.

That is where hunting ducks for sport and commerce and the creation of decoys to lure them traditionally began in the mid 19th century. Both spread up and down the river, and Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Black Nz then later to other duck hunting centers including Barnegat Bay and the Chesapeake, where Mitchell flourished.

The water clock, a late version of a timekeeping device that is almost as old as the sundial, is one of several items being sold off by the National Watch and Clock Museum of Columbia, Pa. It has a presale estimate of $50 to $100. to sale time. For further information, call 610 269 4040.

Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Black Nz

Sunday's sale features a dowitcher made by the Dodge Decoy Factory of Detroit ($6,000 to $8,000) and a Canada goose made by the Mason Decoy Co., also of Detroit ($6,000 to $9,000).

With extensive sales planned by such family owned auction companies as Frank Frank and Pook Pook, plus a third event to be conducted at the Rhoads Rhoads Auction Center, this weekend promises bidding that will be fast and furious. at 215 E. Main St. tomorrow at the Parkertown firehouse, 2 miles to the north, where it will do free appraisals, according to Jon Frank, whose son, Alex, is the other Frank.

Sunday's sale includes half a dozen decoys by Caleb R. Marter Sr. of Burlington; two pintails by George Murray of Beverly; and an early black duck by Tom Fitzpatrick of Delanco ($2,500 to $3,500). Also, a hollow carved high head swan made in Tullytown by White in 1985 has a presale estimate of $10,000 to $12,000.

and miniatures

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The Park Service, which runs Anacostia Park, is trying to figure out how to deal with the roughly 600 geese that live on and around the famously polluted river. Park Police headquarters building in Southeast Washington, the Park Service sought public suggestions on options that include fencing the birds out, smothering their eggs or killing them outright.

Anacostia's Geese May Face Death Sentence

Van Wye, like several others at the meeting July 18, said that the problem was dire enough for the Park Service to consider killing some of the geese.

"The geese are preventing this diverse river habitat from existing," said Brian Van Wye, an environmental activist whose title is Anacostia riverkeeper. "We just need to get back to a state of balance."

"It's like the relative who comes to stay at Christmas and just doesn't go home," said Jim Collier, a member of the Anacostia Watershed Citizens Advisory Committee.

"If it has to include lethal means, that's the direction we need to Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Brown Nz Online go," he said. "It's nice to think about never harming another creature. . . . Preserving that at the [cost of the] long term success of the river, I think, is a mistake."

The Park Service is months away from making a decision on the fate of the geese: Officials at the meeting said they planned to release preliminary plans for public comment early next year and make a final determination by the spring.

Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Brown Nz Online

The river's problematic waterfowl are similar to the Canada geese that fly in V formations every fall and spring, but they don't migrate. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Now, Park Service officials say, the geese are a major environmental problem. When anyone plants marsh grasses on the river, trying to re create the wetlands that once filtered the water and provided a home for wildlife, the geese gobble up the plants. And the birds' waste plays a major role in the Anacostia's problems with fecal bacteria.

The reaction from some groups was strong: The geese need to go.

The geese have found that this area, and especially the protected area with short clipped grass along the Anacostia, provides a great habitat year round.