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VICTORIA An Amnesty International report calling for work to stop on British Columbia's $8.8 billion Site C hydroelectric dam will not affect construction on the project, says the Crown corporation building the project.

"Canadian and international law require a high and rigorous standard of protection to ensure that indigenous peoples, who have already endured decades of marginalization, discrimination, dispossession, and impoverishment, are not further harmed by development on their lands and territories," said the report by Amnesty.

The Amnesty International report said archeological evidence shows indigenous peoples have lived in the Peace River area for more than 10,000 years and many rely on the valley to hunt, fish, trap, conduct ceremonies and harvest plant medicines. Premier Christy Clark announced approval of the project in December 2014. Construction at the dam site started last summer and the federal government recently approved permits to allow work to begin on diverting water flows.

McDonald said Hydro has reached agreements with many of the First Nations to mitigate potential impacts of the project.

"To speak in general terms, we have been successful in reaching agreements that speak to respecting the interests and concerns First Nations communities may have regarding the project," she said. "I do feel that the report misses the mark."

Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett and Jessica McDonald, BC Hydro's president and chief executive officer, said the government and Crown corporation have consulted widely and meaningfully with area indigenous peoples since 2007 and those talks continue as the project proceeds.

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Amnesty's report on Site C dam won't affect construction

The report, The Point of No Return, also said the project should only proceed on the basis of free, prior and informed consent of all affected indigenous peoples.

"The Site C project has been through an extensive review and approval process," said McDonald. "It's an approved project. It has its permits and it's our responsibility to continue construction and bring this project into operation on time and on budget."

"No amount of consultation is adequate if, at the end of the day, the concerns of indigenous peoples are not seriously considered and their human rights remain unacknowledged or unprotected," said the report.

At least two area First Nations are challenging the project in court.

"This group and many of the groups want to focus on the negatives, without ever acknowledging all the positive things," he said.

Bennett wasn't available for an interview, but he told radio station CHNL that the report ignores benefits associated with the project and an extensive consultation process.

The dam would be the third on the Peace River, flooding an 83 kilometre stretch of valley near Fort St. John.

Canada Goose Palliser Coat Nz Sale

Bennett Canada Goose Palliser Coat Nz Sale said the report does not properly acknowledge the jobs the project is creating, especially for indigenous people, and the long term power supply the dam will deliver.

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Today, the company has evolved into what Barnes says is one of the biggest in the world working in farm data management, using cloud computing to crunch numbers from soil sensors, satellite imagery, weather stations and other inputs to make farms more efficient.

On Monday, Avrio Capital finished raising $110 million in late stage venture capital that it plans to invest in the next wave of farm tech companies.

He estimates that farmers can shave off at least 10 per cent and upwards of 40 per cent of their input costs on things like fertilizer, seeds and water thanks to global positioning systems and sensors that allow them to use those resources only where needed.

"We're not even scratching the surface," he said, adding an older generation of farmers have been slow to adopt new techniques.

Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka Red Nz Sale

in January, Farmers Edge secured a $58 million investment from investors including Japanese conglomerate Mitsui Co. and Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.

Barnes started introducing farmers to technology that allowed them to apply varying amounts of fertilizer on their fields depending on where it was most needed.

"Auto steered tractors, yield monitors on combines I mean we're all using those things now because it just makes us that much more efficient. They decrease labour, they make things more efficient, they make things safer, so it just presents a whole array of new opportunities for producers that are involved in generating these yields."

From robotic milking machines to data gathering drones, industry watchers say technology is making agriculture more precise and efficient as farmers push for increased profits and yields.

"The farmers who succeed are the ones who are going to incorporate new technologies," he said.

"There's a whole confluence of technologies that are adding a lot of value on the farm quickly," said Aki Georgacacos, co founder of Calgary based Avrio Capital.

Cheaper technology and advancements in productivity are more important than ever as pressure mounts on the world's food systems, says Viacheslav Adamchuk, an associate professor in McGill University's bioresource engineering department.

"That was quite revolutionary back in 2005," Barnes said in an interview.

Adamchuk's research has focused on sensor technology in farming, which he says has come down dramatically in price in recent years while at the same time growing in precision.

Another is Winnipeg based Farmers Edge, which 10 years ago was based Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka Red Nz Sale out of Wade Barnes's basement in rural Manitoba, where he and co founder Curtis MacKinnon were pushing to make local farms more efficient.

Agriculture industry betting the farm on innovation to boost yields and profits

Already, he said, farmers are seeing 30 per cent increases in productivity by using the data available, and the technology is only getting more accessible. A system that five years ago would have cost $15 to $25 an acre now costs under $5, said Barnes.

"Right now we're at a bit of an inflection point, where we've moved beyond early adopters and we're moving now into fast followers, and so we're getting to a point where the rate at which some of this technology is accepted is accelerating."

"The next big revolution in agriculture is big data," said Barnes from southern Russia, where he was setting up another satellite office for the company now operating on four continents.

The venture capital firm focuses on agriculture and food innovations, and Georgacacos says changes like fine detailed mapping and sensors for everything from soil moisture to fuel use are just beginning.

Stan Blade, dean of the University of Alberta's faculty of agricultural, life and environmental sciences, says innovation is key for the future of farming.

"You can maintain the same yield with less inputs," said Adamchuk.

"We are not going to see more arable land; land is all allocated. The population is growing, the climate is changing," he said.

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Grouse Mountain confirmed to Global News they have not engaged with the activist group at any point.

On January 7, the League was planning to picket the parking lot at the base of the mountain to inform potential customers of the sale of real fur on the mountain.

Still,the Vancouver Animal Defense League calls the mountain denial of the group role in their decision not to re stock the jackets upon receiving our news release, their guest services department changed their official line from carry ethical fur to are fur free says Brooks. was an instantaneous and utter transformation in their communication with the public. organization vows to keep monitoring Grouse Mountain on a weekly basis throughout the winter to ensure it stays fur free.

Brooks says they started their campaign to get Grouse to drop real fur products last October.

extreme tactics of the Vancouver Animal Defense League were Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Brown Nz not a factor we considered in our decision making and we stand by our conservation ethic, says Jacqueline Blackwell with the mountain.

Protesters took issue with the mountain retailing jackets containing real fur, namely Canada Goose jackets, which the activists say bear the fur of trapped Canadian coyotes and Parajumpers jackets bearing the fur of live skinned Asiatic raccoons.

He says the mountain did not respond to their emails and phone calls.

Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Brown Nz

animal rights activists take credit

The League claims on January 2 Grouse Mountain Guest Services informed them that they had received instructions to advise the public that there is now fur on the mountain. next day, the activists verified in person that the store was in fact fur free.

Mountain is a venue for nature appreciation, not a venue for nature abuse, says Michael Brooks with the Vancouver Animal Defense League.

But Grouse Mountain told Global Newstheycarry two clothing brands that each contained fur trim and sold extremely well. They say they are currently out of stock and do not anticipate a reorder this season.

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The statement was an exact copy of portions of their website.

"Canada Goose is deeply committed to the preservation of our global environment and the humane treatment of animals. We never purchase fur from fur farms, never use fur from endangered animals, and only purchase fur from certified Canadian trappers. trapping of fur bearing animals is strictly regulated by the provincial and territorial wildlife departments in Canada. In fact, Canada is the world leader in humane trapping methods, providing the scientific basis for the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS), which establishes the required standards for approval and certification of animal trapping devices."

Canada Goose refused to talk to Global News, sending a statement instead.

The group alleges some Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online of the methods used to catch coyotes, like leg hold and kill traps, are cruel.

However, the Canadian fur industry insisted the traps are humane and that they have strict standards.

Animal Justice claimed standards are so low in Canada that it okay for as many 20 per cent of animals caught in either leg hold, or kill traps, to show extreme signs of poor welfare, including broken bones.

animals have been taken legally, around the rules set by the provinces and territories, said Pierre Canac Marquie, a trap research coordinator for the Canadian Trap Research Program.

"In that time the animal could suffer from extreme exposure," said Labchuk.

Animal rights group files complaint against Canada Goose

Animal Justice is challenging marketing claims by the clothing company that the coyotes used in its fur trim have been treated MORE:Animal groups sound alarm over leg traps after wounded dog brought in

Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online

He said in reality, very few animals suffer. They have found traps work properly in about 95 per cent of cases, well above the 80 per cent minimum. As well, most are checked daily.

Canada Goose buys its fur from a clearing house and pelts come from across Canada, including jurisdictions where traps can be left for up to five days before being checked.

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Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Black New Zealand

and learn to love the weather's cold comforts

Video: How freezing temps cause big bang of quake typical winter in Toronto is neither fish nor fowl. We don't enjoy (or suffer) a real, hearty Canadian winter like Ottawa's or Montreal's. But we don't escape its lash like Vancouver or Victoria either.When the snow falls, it often turns swiftly to slush. The streets become a dirty grey mess. Walking through it is like wading through oatmeal. Then the weather turns and (oh, great) the slush freezes.The skies are grey, too. Instead of enjoying the piercing blue and slanting sun of a prairie winter, we live for week upon week under a sky of lead, without clean white on the ground to set it off. A Toronto winter is frankly depressing.This winter has been different. For all the damage it did, the ice storm turned the city briefly gorgeous, a frozen Narnia of glistening branches. It was a nuisance, and worse, for many thousands, but it also brought people together.Many fled their cold, dark houses and took refuge with friends, neighbours or family. People helped each other move fallen branches, clear ice or fetch groceries. My plucky aunt, aged 80, had no power for three days. She turned on her gas kitchen stove, piled more logs on the fire and did just fine, thanks.In my narrow Victorian house, the crowd for Christmas dinner grew to a record 32, its numbers swollen by ice storm refugees. The extended dinner table started at the front window and ended at the kitchen doorway. One set of neighbours lent us their oven for a second turkey. Another, away for the holidays, let us borrow their place to lodge relatives whose power was out.It was a memorable Christmas all around, and often a cheerful one, too. People exchanged stories about the storm and how they survived it. (How long was your power out? How did you cope? Did you see that huge tree that fell across the road?)The dramatic cold snap that came after the ice storm only heightened the sense that, for once, Toronto was living through a true blue, all Canadian winter. Wind chill values hovered briefly around minus 30. There were reports of "frost quakes," a weird cracking and shaking from the petrified ground.People came in out of Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Black New Zealand the weather and exclaimed: Wow (or something like that), it's cold! But, often as not, they had smiles on their faces. Just as there is nothing so exhilarating as dodging a bullet, there is little so invigorating as going out in minus 30 and then coming back inside, alive.Families bundled up their kids in scarves and snow suits and went tobogganing. Fortunate owners of that classic winter armour, the Canada Goose parka, proudly pulled their hoods up and ventured unafraid into the icy blast. As they walked, the snow underfoot made a satisfying crunch.It wasn't turning to grey soup this time. It was staying, and for once Toronto felt like a proper Canadian city in January.This weekend, the snow fell again. On Sunday, after a brief warmish spell, forecasters were saying that more serious weather was coming first rain, snow and perhaps freezing rain again, then another bitter cold snap. An alert from Environment Canada spoke of "widespread dangerous wind chills" from "some of the coldest air in years."Bring it on. Toronto showed this Christmas it can cope with the worst that winter can dish out. What chills you makes you stronger. So, no, let's not call in the army. Let's act like Canadians. Rather than cowering from the winter, let's accept its freezing embrace and learn to love it instead.

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Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Blue New Zealand

Following an investigation by , Kunkel and Cybulski were charged with illegally possessing two frozen Rough Legged Hawks, one frozen Canada Goose and 12 feathers of a Great Horned Owl. Kunkel and Cybulski were each sentenced to pay $300 per bird, for a total fine of $2,400.

has created a subscription service to help the public stay current with what the Government of Canada is doing to protect our natural environment. Subscribing to Enforcement Notifications is easy, and Discount Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Blue New Zealand free. Sign up today.

Canada Border Services Agency discovered the birds on December 25, 2010, in the trunk of the couple car during an inspection at the Coutts/Sweetgrass border.

Alberta Couple Found Guilty of Illegally Possessing Hawks, Canada Goose and Great Horned Owl FeathersLETHBRIDGE, Alta. October 19, 2011 On September 22, 2011, Jason Patrick Kunkel and Deborah Cybulski, residents of Medicine Hat, Alberta, were found guilty of illegally possessing carcasses and feathers of four dead birds in contravention of the Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (WAPPRIITA).

Alberta Couple Found Guilty of Illegally Possessing Hawks

works to ensure that companies and individuals comply with the conservation goals of environmental and wildlife protection acts and regulations.

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And I don think that she will come close to winning a Cup race this year. But the fact that she won this pole does signify that she coming along. And while there are some fans that have said she would NEVER win a Sprint Cup race, I disagree. I think she will wind up in victory lane, eventually.

Like any athlete who popular for reasons other than their performance on the court, the issue people have with Danica is that she hasn done ANYTHING on the track to deserve all the attention.

Kevin Harvick will win plenty of races, but fall short again. Harv is becoming the best driver not to have won a championship. Something always keeps him just a little bit short. And it will again.

We haven even had the first points race yet, and NASCAR fans are all ready sick of the Danica Patrick coverage. The question is. how long will it last?

Brad Keselowski will regress. I not saying that he not a talented driver. But it happens all the time young guys win a championship, and they rest on their laurels the following year. LOTS Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hyachinth Nz Online went right for Kes last year, and he a talented guy, but I can see him getting the breaks again.

Kyle Busch will win the 2013 Sprint Cup. After an awful 2012 season, Rowdy figures it out, and now in the strongest stable in the garage, he the surprise strongest car. Add the fowl, soup in addition to lemon juice, getting with a steam.

My partner and i surfed Dana Level the past period in the actual past due summer season of 1967. When i bear in mind, it was the actual end of the week ahead of many people sealed the actual and began creating the breakwater. My spouse and i continue to have 8mm home movies (at this point on Dvd movie) of the situation. It had been small, dull as well as congested. Every person there was making an attempt for a previous go out. In .

Other thoughts about the upcoming season:

JGR will dominate. Adding Matt Kenseth to the stable will elevate all of Gibbs racing. JGR will win more races than any other team, including Hendrick.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not be a factor. He might make the Chase, but I sick of predicting that he is going to get back into contention. I just done with him.

Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hyachinth Nz Online

The question really is, what sort of a leap does she make this season, running Cup full time? Last year in this blog, I projected that she would win a Nationwide race. She never really came close.

So for all of you NASCAR fans who are sick of Danica, she not going away. But midway through the season, when she 26th in points, she won nearly dominate the headlines like she doing now.

2013 NASCAR Preview

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The 65 year old fashion fixture chose a muted pastel frock while her daughter Bee Shaffer wowed in a floral print long sleeve dress.

She has the power to wear any showstopping designer gown, but Anna kept her Oscars look simple letting the movie stars steal the fashion spotlight for film's biggest night.

The style expert opted for a light pink Oscar Men Canada Goose Langford Parka Black Nz de la Renta gown and covered her arms and shoulders with a furry shawl to brave the chilly rain at the Dolby Theatre for the Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

And perhaps the American Vogue editor in chief was blinded by the designer ensembles or she treated the Academy Awards like any another event because the mother of two was seen sitting in the first few rows inside the Dolby Theatre next to Harvey Weinstein donning oversized sunglasses.

The only time she was not seated in the front row, Anna Wintour still sports her signature shades indoors.

Men Canada Goose Langford Parka Black Nz

Anna Wintour wears sunglasses INSIDE during the Oscars and fans react with awe

Mother daughter duo: Bee, 27, cloaked her body in a long sleeve black dress that was adorned with distinctive green stemmed red roses and monochrome poppies

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"It was a contractual situation with the Preakness," a source said.

A source close to the National Hockey League Saturday called the decision to prematurely end the telecast "disappointing," but said the network's contract with the league allowed it to pull out after three hours. EDT.

NBC's move will be seen as an embarrassment to the NHL. Networks, as a rule, do not leave a live sports telecast until it's over. In 1968, NBC was widely criticized for dropping an Oakland Raiders New York Jets game in its final minutes to air the movie Heidi.

At the end of the third period, host Bill Clement told viewers that NBC would not be airing the overtime time period. He informed them that it would be carried on Versus, the NHL's cable rights holder in the Men Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket Navy New Zealand United States.

Two NBC affiliates, one in Buffalo and the other in Western New York, did stay with the Ottawa Buffalo overtime period.

American viewers kept in the dark

The NHL has little influence in these sorts of decisions. network. Instead, it settled for a profit sharing arrangement with NBC. event such as the Preakness.

Men Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket Navy New Zealand

NBC pulled the plug on coverage of the overtime period between the Ottawa Senators Buffalo Sabres on Saturday, denying viewers in most of the United States the conclusion the Eastern Conference final's Game 5.

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"Right! And I didn't know he knew who I was," says Schumer, picking up the story. "So I was taking off my sweatpants in an alley and putting on a skirt," she says, acting out the awkwardness of it all, "and I was like, 'Excuse me, do you know where a liquor store is?'

She adds, "Now, I have to be careful and make sure I'm really experiencing something and not just brushing it off with jokes."

Amy Schumer not a Trainwreck when it comes to sex and booze

The nearest thing to truth in the movie, says Schumer, is her character's close relationship with her father, played by Colin Quinn as an irascible, hilarious guy with no filter. Schumer is very tight with her sister, too, but that sister (despite what the movie suggests) is not a suburban housewife with a nerdy husband.

Mind you, she says, there was that one time a guy saw Schumer taking off her pants in an alley .

"I was like, 12, when that happened. We moved from a huge house to like, a shack in a bad neighbourhood. But it was fine. It was really just the size of the house and my mom had to go back to work." And in her family, comedy helped. "Everyone was so sarcastic. To a fault, almost. We would just make jokes about everything."

How has success affected Schumer's insecurities?

Men Canada Goose Langford Parka Tan Nz

"We got real close. I don't drink that much. I mean, I drink. I don't take shots and like, black out! And I don't get laid half as much. Not even a quarter.

She's also touring alongside Aziz Ansari on the aptly named Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival this summer (it stops at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre on Sept. 6).

Schumer will open for Madonna at the singer's three New York shows in September; right now she's working on another movie with her sister. They're reshaping a script originally written by Katie Dippold (The Heat), a mother/daughter comedy about a holiday gone awry. Schumer says she'll play the daughter.

Success will no doubt be just one more transition Schumer will negotiate with humour. She says that's how she survived a major transition in childhood, when her father's bankruptcy and her parents' divorce created a riches to rags scenario.

The introvert studied theatre at Maryland's Towson University, moving back to her native New York after graduation and working up the courage to make her standup debut at the Gotham Comedy Club when she was 23. Schumer appeared on the reality show Last Comic Standing in 2007 (she came fourth); just prior to that she was asked to appear on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham series, which proved to be fortuitous. She continued to work the club scene, but Schumer drew a lot of attention for her routine at a Charlie Sheen roast in 2011. The following year she made the special Mostly Sex Stuff and then became one of Comedy Central's bright lights in 2013 with Inside Amy Schumer. That show made her a household name.

Schumer, 34, came to Toronto to promote Trainwreck, the comedy she wrote and stars in with Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton, LeBron James and Vanessa Bayer; Judd Apatow is the director. Schumer's character is someone every woman will recognize and she's riddled with insecurities.

Her sister explains: "We were looking for a liquor store and we couldn't find one. We saw a guy walking by while Amy was changing into a skirt and we asked him where the liquor store was."

Does Schumer's serious side surprise a lot of her fans?

"I'd say I disappoint about 50% of the people I meet. And that's okay!" the actress jokes. "I like those numbers!"

"But other than that, other than the embellishment of the sexual activity and the intake of sort of, ah, narcotics and alcohol, that's all real."

"I can tell you, the stuff I've worked out in therapy is that I'm not afraid to accept love now," says Schumer, thoughtfully. "It's still a bit of a struggle, but I can do it and I feel like I deserve it."

The version of herself in Trainwreck, says Schumer, is closest to who she was as a sophomore in college. "I was just spreading myself really thin. You know, at college, you go to a bar or a party and it's so packed, so awful, that you have to drink your way through it like, the only way it could be fun would be to join them, and get yourself really drunk? And I think that could be a metaphor for everything else, because I just can't get myself into that mindset to enjoy things it Men Canada Goose Langford Parka Tan Nz seems most people can. I think I'm an introvert."

How will success affect her love life?

Actually, Schumer's sister Kim Caramele writes with her, works with her and is in the room with us during this interview.

"Coffee? Pringles? Want to watch a movie?" she asks in greeting. "Let's just go get a drink."