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An apple with a soul

Inzwischen, mit knapp 100 Tage bis zum Belstaff lederjacke herren Beginn des Franzsisch Prsidentschaftswahlen in zwei Runden im April und Mai, strzten sich die oppositionellen Belstaff lederjacke damen Sozialisten. Parteichef Martine Aubry eine Erklrung abgegeben, den "Verlust des AAA ist eine Rge der Politik seit Canada Goose Liuigno Parka Nz Online 2007 genommen" das Jahr Belstaff jacket Sarkozy gewhlt wurde.

Canada Goose Liuigno Parka Nz Online

Canada Goose Liuigno Parka Nz Online

What is this schmaltzy Rosh Hashanah post doing in our Wisdom blog?? Honest, I have an excuse. Three in fact. Firstly, we were just talking about trees and their connection to the biblical idea of growing bones. Well, tapuach is a tree. In fact, it is used as the name of the apple tree and not only of its bulbous fruit. When the bride tells her lover "Beneath the tapuach I awakened you" (Songs 8:5), it was not out of fear of a Sir Newton like experience, but rather to enjoy the tree's fragrant shade. Secondly, teachings of wisdom are likened to it: "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver" (Proverbs 25:11). That is our goal.

Lastly, this blog will lead to the biblical SOUL, and the root word of tapuach is identical to the verb used to describe how God installed it in Adam! It is also close to the Hebrew word for flowers, perach. Why? Here we need another verse: "The day is kindled, and the shadows flee away" (Songs 2:17). The kindling verb, yapuach, holds the secret. In biblical thought, flowers are like plants set ablaze, bursting in colorful flames. The soul too, being an entity of Light, is something that God kindled inside of Adam (Alas, the Creator did not "breathe" any such thing into Adam's "nostrils"). Apples too share this imagery because of their bulbous nature. It's as if someone warmed the young buds in rays of blessed light and schwoop, they swelled up in hot, luscious, yellow and red!

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It's all things goose. You can't turn around without spying something goose related. From park benches with concrete geese on each end to concrete goose chairs to an outside bathroom sporting Canada goose artwork, you know you are in Minnesota's goose capital at Middle River in the beautiful northwestern part of the state. Even the weekly newspaper is affectionately named The Honker.

The moose population was once as high as 400 animals on the refuge and surrounding area, but the population crashed in the mid 1990s. The lowest numbers occurred during the winter of 2007 2008.

Of course, goose hunting is a huge part of the three day festival, and I was able to tag along for a hunt during this year's events, held Sept. 28 30. Our guide, Jordon Holm, was pitching dirt around a layout blind placed in a shallow pit in a worked wheat field when we arrived at the hunting field at o dark thirty. Sporadic rain drops bounced off decoys as we worked to properly place them around the pits. Following a spectacular lightning show, rain started in earnest as we reclined in our blinds. The rain eventually slowed and stopped as dawn broke over the field and goose honks echoed over the prairie.

Sandhill cranes also populate the area and stage at Agassiz during migration. Hoping to take advantage of a crane flyover during goose hunting, we also had crane decoys set up. Cranes skirted the edges of our setup but came no closer.

Northwest Minnesota is well known for its famous migration of Canada geese and wide variety of duck species. The area is also home to moose, bear, deer and elk.

Canada geese flew in to inspect the decoys, and some met their demise. There was never a dull moment as hundreds of geese were constantly flying. The area truly is the goose capital of the North.

Blasting through a manmade channel in the refuge's interior on an airboat offered the chance to see habitat in a unique way. Speeding through the rushes and sliding over mud flats allowed us to view thousands of the refuge's feathered inhabitants.

Agassiz is home to over 294 species of birds, including sandhill cranes. A breeding population lives there, and in late summer cranes congregate there from around northwest Minnesota.

Founded in 1905, Middle River is a little city with a population of 319. Known as the Capital of the North, Middle River holds an annual Goose Fest, sponsored by the Community Club, that draws over 3,000 people to celebrate the community's early and ongoing hunting heritage.

During the festival, area shooters often take advantage of the nearby Thief River Trap Club, which is located in an extremely beautiful setting. The club's of the Goose Sporting Clays Challenge Shoot humbled shooters before another fun adventure, an airboat ride through the interior of the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge.

3,000 cranes are here in the fall and are mostly gone by late October, said Knutsen. many hunters took advantage of the season when it opened four years ago and we have a core group of people who hunt them, we have seen a decline of crane license sales. Cranes are wary, tough to hunt and most are shot during goose hunting. Gray wolves call the refuge home, too. According to Discount Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Blue Topaz New Zealand information gathered by biologists, two packs of gray wolves cohabitate the refuge, with seven wolves in each pack.

Oh yes, there are thousands of geese in area fields, too.

The Thief Lake Wildlife Management Area, located near the community, has over 54,000 acres available for public use, and the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge, consisting of 61,000 acres, is also nearby.

Headquartering in neighboring Thief River Falls, there is a lot to see and do in the area, all wildlife related. The local Convention and Visitors Bureau hosts an annual media tour to familiarize folks with all the area has to offer.

Discount Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Blue Topaz New Zealand

the winter, we do track and scat surveys and obtain an estimated minimum pack size, Knutsen said.

All things goose at the 39th Annual Goose Fest

use our airboat to access areas for work on the refuge, monitor water quality work or to survey, said Gregg Knutsen, Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge biologist. only other time we use the airboat is for Goose Festival folks. Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge is located in Minnesota's northwestern aspen parkland transitional zone between the coniferous forest, tallgrass prairie and the prairie pothole region of the United States. The landscape was formed by a glacier that encompassed an area larger than the size of the present day five Great Lakes. Meltwaters from the receding glacier created Lake Agassiz over 10,000 years ago, resulting in a very flat terrain that only varies in elevation by 1 to 2 feet per mile.

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Canada Goose Men New Zealand

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He said the only recommendation the government won't follow is environmental hazard testing. It would be too costly to measure each community, Griffiths said, and filing away the results wouldn't keep them timely.

The review found that the evacuation and the disaster response were not ideal, but deemed them ultimately successful because no one died.

EDMONTON Two years ago, some people in the northern Alberta town of Slave Lake were told to leave their homes, some didn't realize they should, and still others didn't understand the urgency until flames were Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka White Nz Sale at their front door.

Griffiths said there is no perfect response to a disaster. And, in the case of Slave Lake, officials were met with what is believed to be the largest, fastest, most destructive fire in the province's history.

"No plans were available at local or provincial levels to accommodate the need to evacuate so many residents," said the report. "Most of those involved were not well prepared or trained for the possibility of a large evacuation, from individual residents to governments to first responders.

Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka White Nz Sale

"A lot of people recognize what we bring to the table and they're coming to learn from us."

"We knew what we needed to improve upon," Griffiths said following a disaster conference in Banff, where planning officials from North America discussed lessons learned from such disasters as the Slave Lake fires and Hurricane Katrina.

"It took a lot of volunteer hours to sort, organize and co ordinate," said Griffiths. "I don't know how you ask people not to donate that, of course, it would be more appropriate if people donated cash."

High winds drove the fires into town, destroying 500 homes and buildings including the municipal office and radio station. The estimated damage and firefighting cost totalled nearly $1 billion. About 2,000 people were left homeless.

Some people complained that they weren't given enough warning and, when they realized they had to leave, were forced to turn around because some roads were closed.

The government has made improvements to its emergency alert system. Griffiths said officials are still working on ways to better help evacuees obtain clothing and get their children back into school.

It's also trying to devise a better way to handle donations. After the fires, Slave Lake was overwhelmed with truckloads of clothing, furniture and other goods and had to turn many away.

Instead, officials are researching whether a "snapshot" test can be done of a specific area before an anticipated disaster strikes.

There have been 231 wildfires recorded in Alberta so far this season. Out of control fires near Nordegg and Lodgepole in the west central foothills have forced a few hundred residents from their homes.

Alberta promises better disaster response

A review released Tuesday details the initial panic, confusion and tension when wildfires ripped through the community on May 15, 2011. Roughly one third of the town was destroyed.

A report last spring by a retired RCMP supervisor found that residents weren't warned about safety risks or evacuation plans in the days before the fires spread.

"In particular, the speed of the wildfires made it difficult to warn residents or issue an evacuation order in a timely fashion."

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The northbound and southbound lanes of Highway 11 at Highway 400 were closed for several hours while investigators gathered evidence at the crash scene.

Const. Pete Tucker, of St. Catharines, was taken to hospital with serious injuries after crashing his police motorcycle in the southbound lanes of Highway 11, at the Highway 400 split in Barrie when he collided with a goose in flight.

The 20 year veteran OPP officer from the Niagara detachment is a member of elite OPP Golden Helmets Motorcycle Precision Team and an officer trained in providing VIP escorts for heads of state and celebrities.

"He is under the care of physicians here at Sunnybrook hospital. This afternoon his family returned to the hospital to be with him as he continued to receive care. It is a stressful time for them," Schmidt said. "As an organization, all the OPP's thoughts and prayers are with Const. Tucker and his family throughout his road to recovery.

Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Berry Nz Sale

SPRINGWATER TWP. A provincial police motorcycle cop injured in a freak training accident Thursday remains in a Toronto hospital.

"All available resources are available to officers to ensure they have the support they need for the healing to move forward," he added. "He has a long recovery ahead of him. Right now our concern is with his well being and recovery."

"He remains in hospital with family and members of the OPP," said OPP Sgt. Kelly Schmidt, adding he would not comment on specifics of Tucker's injuries, only that he is dealing Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Berry Nz Sale with "life altering leg injuries."

altering' injuries

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In this game, children have to guess which animal made a specific set of footprints. Print out or draw pictures of a variety of animal footprints on individual pieces of paper and print out images of the animals that made the prints. Distribute the images of the animals to children and keep the footprint pictures. Upon holding up a footprint, children analyze it and hold up the picture of the animal they think the print belongs to. Award a point to each child who correctly identified the animal that made the print. The child who collects the most points wins the game.

Animal Footprint Games for Kids

Identifying Pennsylvania animal tracks requires knowing what species may be present and their track details. . according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

How to Identify Animal Tracks in Pennsylvania

Children act as detectives to find a missing animal in this footprint game. Hide a plush stuffed animal somewhere and from construction paper, cut out footprints that match the feet of the animal you have hidden. Tape the paper footprints on the ground in random locations that lead the children to dead ends and tape a path that actually leads children to the missing animal. Tell children that an animal is missing from a zoo and you need their help to find it. Provide children with magnifying glasses, if you'd like, and set them out to look for the animal. The first child to find the hidden animal wins.

Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Blue Nz Sale

Matching items based on their attributes is an important mathematical skill and this game can help children hone this skill. Print out images of different animals and images of footprints made by the animals be sure to select images in which the feet of the animals can be seen. Spread the pictures out on a Women Canada Goose Constable Parka Blue Nz Sale flat surface and have children analyze the pictures of the footprints and try to match them to the animals that made them. For a simple game, choose animals and prints that are very different and for a more complex game, choose animals and prints that are similar.

How to Identify Animal Foot Prints

Animals silently walk through yards, parks and recreation areas. These prints or tracks can tell you which animal walked in that spot.

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Cheap Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Navy Nz

Then there was the Michael Sam affair, which created plenty of headlines for the organization but, according to reports, caused plenty of conflict as well. The Gazette Herb Zurkowsky and RDS Didier Ormejuste both reported Sam, pro football first openly gay player, wasn well liked for what his teammates felt was preferential treatment he was getting. Sam received a six figure salary despite not having football credentials, and he was allowed to leave the team during training camp for personal reasons. He was inserted into the lineup after his return, and he played one game before quitting again, citing a concern for his mental health.

Popp, the franchise general manager since 1996, will take over as head coach for the fourth time in franchise history, and it will be the third time he has done it after a victory. Higgins joins Rod Rust, Don Matthews and Dan Hawkins as coaches whom Popp has replaced mid season.

Now it Popp mess to clean up, although he hasn had much success as the team sideline boss. Popp has a record of 16 20 over one full season and three partial campaigns, and his playoff mark is 1 4, including three East semifinal setbacks.

Not even Tom Higgins, whom Wetenhall, the longtime Montreal Alouettes owner, fired as head coach of his team fewer than 24 hours after he got a Gatorade bath for ending the franchise 15 year winless skid at BC Place.

have made this change as we believe it is in the best interest of our team, and especially our fans, Wetenhall said in a press release. all wish to express to Tom our affection and respect, as well as our appreciation for the contributions he has made to the franchise. Popp Higgins relationship was never going to be a strong one, because Popp was hoping to get the head coaching gig himself when Wetenhall went ahead and hired the former head of CFL officiating in February 2014. When the GM doesn hire the head coach, rarely does anything good come of it.

power struggle ends, I guess, one CFL insider said Friday. Lions, their first win at BC Place since Aug. 31, 2000. Even though it was a solid comeback road win, there has probably been too much drama in the Alouettes locker room this season and it might have played a role in Higgins demise.

Last season, the Alouettes started with a 1 7 mark under Higgins, but he guided a remarkable turnaround that resulted in Montreal finishing in second place in the East Division with a 9 9 record. Last November, just before the Alouettes lost to the eventual Grey Cup finalist Hamilton Tiger Cats in the East final, Higgins players spoke glowingly of his coaching style.

Defensive end John Bowman has been a healthy scratch the past two games and has been sending out passive aggressive messages on Twitter since. When the Alouettes said in their pre game huddle Cheap Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Navy Nz last week they wanted to win for Bowman, it was a strong indication the players weren happy with the decision to bench the sack master.

been up front about what he expected from us as players, about what his philosophy was as a coach, the way he was going to run things, safety Marc Olivier Brouillette said. what great is he remained the same when we were 1 7 and then when we finished the season 8 2. For a football team to have a solid cornerstone like that, a leader like that, it been great for us. left tackle Josh Bourke: a very smart man. He probably admit he kind of corny, but that OK. We don mind that. What you see is what you get. He not going to play any games. He very up front, a smart coach and one we enjoy playing for. that changed this year with all the conflicts, or they going to have to get used to feeling that way playing for Popp.

Alouettes fire coach Tom Higgins

If that wasn enough of a circus for Higgins to have to deal with, the fact he has been using essentially his fifth string quarterback, Rakeem Cato, since Week 2 made it even tougher for the man affectionately known as Ned Flanders. Starter Jonathan Crompton and Dan LeFevour both suffered severe shoulder injuries in Week 1, and Tanner Marsh, who would have fit somewhere in the top three, got hurt in training camp and returned only recently. Also, Canadian pivot Brandon Bridge started the season higher than Cato on Montreal depth chart but now serves as the third stringer.

It quite clear Bob Wetenhall and Jim Popp are in this for the long haul, and no one will come between them.

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Hundreds of animal activists hit the streets this weekend to ruffle the feathers of meat eaters and people considering buying fur coats.

The groups blame the industrial livestock industry for aiding global warming, water depletion, water pollution, biodiveristy loss, soil erosion, human diseases caused by eating meat, plus violence against animals.

Animal activists launch weekend protests in Toronto

After People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals criticized Justin Trudeau for him and his family wearing fur lined Canada Goose clothing in their official 2010 Christmas card photo, the Montreal MP dismissed PETA for having much of any credibility it had in Canada,

Toronto Pig Save and Toronto Cow Save vowed to resume their regular campaigns Sunday outside Quality Meat Packers on Wellington St. W. with free vegan food. On Monday, they will again protest at St. Helen and Ryder Regency Meat Packers slaughterhouses on Glen Scarlett Rd., and at Lake Shore Blvd. and Strachan Ave., where hog carriers pass regularly.

But some activist scorn has resulted in verbal fur flying.

Calling support positive, protest director Shannon Kornelsen said of Canada Goose wearers have told us that they had no idea the fur on their jackets was real or came from an animal trapped in the wild. a statement, Knornelsen claimed of them plan on sending their coats back. donations backed group also paid for 500 anti fur TTC subway ads until Jan. 7.

Staged by the Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals, its Your Traps! store protests were billed as the anti fur demonstration in Canada history. online campaign includes a Toronto manufacturer, Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Outfitters, whose customers have in some cases been confronted publicly.

Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Pink Nz Sale

Its online campaign includes photos of an activist recently posing in a Queen St. W. cosmetics store window as a bloodied trapped animal. The shop asked passersby to shun fur garments, accusing the fur industry and trappers of cruelty and clothing manufacturers of misinformation campaigns about their products.

As they have in the past and especially before Christmas, protesters Saturday targeted Holt Renfrew stores across Canada with animal traps, chants and signs, including in Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton and St. Catharines.

Staged by the Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals, its Your Traps! store protests were billed as the anti fur demonstration in Canada history.

And on Sunday, Toronto Save the Pigs and Toronto Save the Cows said they will offer vegetarian sandwiches to slaughterhouse workers.

a family tradition to know how to keep warm in the winter, the now party leadership candidate added.

As they have in the past and especially before Christmas, protesters Saturday targeted Holt Renfrew stores across Canada with animal traps, chants and signs, including in Toronto, Burlington, Hamilton and St. Catharines.

Hundreds of animal activists hit the streets this weekend Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Pink Nz Sale to ruffle the feathers of meat eaters and people considering buying fur coats.

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand

There may be reasons to reform the Senate along the lines Preston Manning proposes, but from Quebec, some of his views look a bit parochial and outdated (Reform, Not Abolition, Is In The East's Interests June 10).

There used to be a lazy reflex on the part of powerful opinion makers in the East to dismiss the West. When that is done in reverse, it is no more persuasive.

David Winch, Montreal

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand

Soldiers' letters often mentioned arriving at concentration camps in England or France.

Rather than looking at "visible minority" as a group, many academics have advocated for the use of disaggregated data, which allow for a more refined way of measuring and hence addressing the disparities faced by different racialized communities. By "whitewashing" the issue of race, Frances Woolley's proposal would simply lead to further inequities.

While it may look from the booming West that Quebec has a "declining population," that, of course, is only relative. Its population has grown from about six million to more than eight million over the past four decades. Even in relative terms, Quebec is largely holding its own these days: At 24 per cent of the national population, the province now draws about 22 per cent of new immigrants to Canada. And its birth rate has once again risen higher than the national average. Quebec's economy is far from stagnant. The latest federal jobs report told of boom conditions across the country; Alberta and Quebec are drawing job seekers.

In public history, the first consideration is to put events in the context of their time appreciating what things meant on their own terms, rather than what we think they meant. Yes, the government referred to the internment facilities as "concentration camps." But to presume a whitewash in the omission of this "harsh term" from the exhibition is mistaken: At the time of the First World War, it was not a harsh term. It simply referred to any place where people were brought together, or concentrated.

The internees' experience is central to the exhibition, as it should be, but that experience couldn't be presented in isolation. Parks Canada should make no apologies for including background material on labour and the global conflict, for it is essential to understanding the internment. Without that context, historical details are meaningless or, worse, misleading.

If there was nothing wrong with this program when Liberal defence minister Bill Graham approved it in 2005, why did the Conservatives get rid of it a couple of years later? And if f there was something wrong with this program, why did the Conservatives bring it back in 2011? And why did they do so in secret?

And why are they hiding information on the program now behind blacked out (redacted) lines and paragraphs in documents released through the Access to Information process?

Burris Devanney, HalifaxThe secretive Canadian Communications Security Establishment should have a civilian oversight board of directors to ensure that surveillance of electronic communications Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand does not threaten the basic human rights and civil liberties of Canadians. government "call log" involving millions of Verizon customers is surprising. If we deem this to be an unacceptable intrusion of privacy, we should all get off the Internet. Fast. Or, we can collectively acknowledge what has already become so apparent: Privacy with a capital P is a thing of the past. When so many of us eagerly share the details of our private lives on public of platforms, is this really something we can decry?Re Mixed Reaction To Exhibition Marking A Dark Wartime Chapter (June 10): In the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I was consulted during the process of developing the Banff exhibition dealing with the First World War internment of Eastern Europeans.

Re 'Visible Minority:' A Misleading Concept That Ought To Be Retired (online, June 10): While the term "visible minority" is fraught with issues the key one being it uses "white" as a standard against which everyone else is measured it is wrong to propose that "race" be abandoned as a concept to be considered in pursuing equity in Canada. Members of racialized communities (including African and Asian Canadians, among others) including those who were born in Canada earn less than white Canadians and experience higher unemployment rates. That should tell us something else is at play, other than language and immigration status.

Jonathan F. Vance, Department of History, University of Western Ontario

Re MacKay Approved Surveillance (June 10): The Harper government, which got rid of the long form census because it allegedly intruded upon the privacy of Canadians, has been making use of a secret electronic eavesdropping program to track our telephone and Internet activities.

and other letters to the editor

P is for privacy

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber New Zealand

Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Topaz Nz Sale

Blue green algae are not true algae, but cyanobacteria. They are usually present in amounts so small they are harmless, but can undergo exponential growth spurts when exposed to nutrients contained in contaminants such as lawn fertilizer and Canada goose droppings that wash into waterways.

Fluorescent filaments of the organisms, known as cyanobacteria, began forming in the river last week, and by yesterday, they streaked the Esplanade lagoons a psychedelic green. The organisms secrete toxins that can irritate the skin, eyes, and ears of people who come in contact with it. Ingesting even a small amount of the tainted water could cause diarrhea, but a person would have to drink an enormous quantity to become seriously ill.

This year's outbreak is small compared with last year's, when more than 1 million cells per milliliter of water were recorded near the Museum of Science. State officials post advisories if cell counts exceed 70,000 cells per milliliter. So far, only one test result at the Charles River Dam on July 10 exceeded that count.

State officials Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Topaz Nz Sale plan to post signs today at Magazine Beach in Cambridge and along the Esplanade on the Boston side, warning people to be on the lookout for the telltale flecks, filaments, and mats of blue green algae and to keep children and pets away from the water if they spot such indicators. State health officials say they have had no reports of any person or animal falling ill because of the outbreak. Fish and waterfowl appear unaffected.

Last week, tests showed little toxicity in the Charles. But since then, the bloom has visibly grown and may have become more potent, prompting officials to plan another round of tests today and tomorrow. Based on those tests, officials will decide tomorrow if the race is still on. State, federal and community environmental and health officials are gathering today to discuss the results of samples collected so far.

"We're seeing better clarity toward the mouth of the basin . . . but that is where we are seeing some of this algae," said Tom Faber, a water quality engineer for the US Environmental Protection Agency in Boston.

"The outbreak is disappointing, but I don't feel discouraged that we are not making progress in the river; we are," Bowditch said. "But this is the next thing we need to focus on."

algae may spoil Charles swim

The cleaner Charles may even be partly to blame. As water visibility improves, light can penetrate deeper to reach the microorganisms and jump start their growth, a federal environmental official said.

"This has the potential to affect the whole recreation season," said Kate Bowditch, director of projects for the Charles River Watershed Association, as she snapped pictures of the blue green algae downstream of the Harvard Bridge yesterday.

Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Topaz Nz Sale

The Charles was the inspiration for the 1960s Standells' song "Dirty Water," but the state and federal governments have since spent millions of dollars to scrub the river clean of litter, sewage, and industrial waste.

After an outbreak last year of toxic blue green algae forced the cancellation of the first ever Charles River swim race, organizers scheduled this year's event more than a month earlier to avoid a repeat. Now, two days before the race, the algae are back, threatening the event and the effort that transformed the river from an industrial era soup to a sparkling waterway in which people could do the breast stroke.

State and federal environmental officials suspect that this year's bloom is occurring now because of optimal conditions for growth: lots of sunshine, warm water, and low water levels that concentrate nutrients. Scientists are uncertain exactly why water levels are low, but say it appears related to rainfall totals upstream and the amount of water communities are using.

The EPA is about to release new guidelines that govern how much phosphorus, a key nutrient, can be in the river. Those guidelines are expected to spark efforts to control nutrients flowing from roadways, stormwater pipes and other sources.

"We need to reduce those levels of nutrients," said Bruce Berman, of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, an advocacy group. "We're taking substantial steps to inform the public [about the outbreak] but we still need to do more to address this problem."