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The rest of the cast includes Brendan Gall as Gary, the team skip; William Vaughan as a thick team member who works with Gary in a furniture factory; Anand Rajaram as Pramesh, an eccentric doughnut shop owner who questions the game's idiosyncrasies.

The production has faced nearly as many humorous obstacles as the characters. During early shooting the cast termed the show Men with Mops, a reference to the difficulty of working on ice during a prairie summer. The icemaker, Reece Allison, had to drop the inside temperature so low that O'Brien took to wearing a heat girdle and the crew donned Canada Goose parkas.

Keller, best known for his turn in the Global series

Traffic slows. Locals walking their dogs stop to look twice. Every parking spot in the neighbourhood is full.

The scripts will revolve instead around a team of four hosers struggling to thrive in a small town on the skids.

"I don't know. Maybe you could try whistling." Pramesh proceeds to whistle like a songbird.

"She's really on us," said Joel Keller, who plays Bill, one of the team members and manager of the curling club. "Before working with her I would have rather watched paint dry than curl. Now I can't get enough."

The half hour show is based on the 2002 movie by the same name, but features a few key differences. In the original, Paul Gross played Chris Cutter, a once legendary curler who returns to glory by winning the "Golden Broom" and the affections of a love interest played by Molly Parker. He'll appear as Cutter in the series as well, but only as an occasional cameo role.

"I'm like the Homer Simpson character, always screwing up and overcompensating like an Archie Bunker or Basil Fawlty," he said. "You love him and you hate him."

"How else am I supposed to tell you to sweep," Bill responds.

The spectacle is uniquely Canadian. In the middle of sweaty summer day on the Prairies, when every rink town is normally closed for the season, Fort Rouge Curling Club is a hive of activity. Passersby in this curling crazy city linger for a moment and seem to consider rushing home to grab their brooms and sliders before they notice what's up. "This is set in a curling rink, but it's about much more than curling."

Blue Murder, plays lead buffoon. Regularly tormented by his barkeep Tannis, played by Aliyah O'Brien, he throws an arcade game off the rink roof in one episode. In another, the constant sound of pint glasses on hardwood sends him into comedic madness.

"It took several days of teaching the crew that they can't leave the darn doors open when they go out for smoke breaks, but I think we've finally figured Cheap Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Berry Nz out how to keep the ice hard," said Allison, meticulously sweeping the sheets between takes.

and the irony of a hot Winnipeg summer

That authenticity comes courtesy of world champion curler Connie Laliberte, who serves as a consultant on the set. During several scenes last month, she had more instructions for the actors than the director.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Berry Nz

"I wonder if you could take it easy with the yelling," Pramesh says during one episode, attacking the very heart of the hurry hard game.

"Just like any piece of Canadiana, we have a sense of humour about the sport," he said. "At the same time, we've taken great pains to get the lingo down and shoot realistic scenes."

They're clumsy curlers, and even clumsier husbands and boyfriends. Mather hopes to mine their foibles on and off the ice for big laughs, without making fun of the sport so many Canadians hold dear.

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On a glorious Saturday morning, with dappled sunlight filtered by newly planted birches, the 35 volunteers and an assortment of VIPs pitched in to turn the riverbank by the parking lot into a "streamside buffer."

"This is a model for what you should see along the entire riverbank," said , of the Conservation Commission. "When you have an arrangement like this, the bank is protected against erosion and the trees and shrubs are both absorbing water and shading the stream to create an environment more conducive to fish."

TRUMBULL Old Mine Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Black Nz Sale Park has become a study in contrasts

"Before we even got the plants in the ground this morning, Baltimore orioles landed on just about every one," she said.

Officials said that the plants and other materials were paid for by a grant from the , which provided $40,000 for the project. The Parks Department planted the larger trees and performed much of the rough landscaping.

For now, the rain garden looks like a traprock pit. But soon, Parsons said, it will be filled with tall grass.

Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Black Nz Sale

One of the benefits of this type of landscaping, Watson said, is that it creates an environment unwelcome to that scourge of waterways in the state, the Canada goose, regarded by many as an invasive species here.

This will give bacteria a chance to break down motor oil present in the parking lot runoff, Parsons said.

Now the southern bank is populated with native trees and shrubs, and soon tall grasses will fill in the voids, thanks to efforts by Save the Sound, the town's and volunteers.

Sure enough, about a dozen Canada geese were lolling about on the other side of the river, taking up residence on the soccer field which by now was all but unusable, owing to goose excrement. Parsons and others there said that it's hoped that the will similarly landscape the park's north riverbank, which would, in effect, banish the Canada goose from the park.

"The idea was to create a sustainable riparian buffer and rain garden," said , the Greenwich landscape architect who designed the planting and runoff scheme along with her husband, Dale.

This is the first of what will be several so called "model" projects that are part of the , an effort by Bridgeport, Trumbull and Monroe to restore the river to the point where shad, trout and other indigenous fish can again find their way upstream, according to , director of habitat restoration for Save the Sound. Improving the riverbank habitat, as was the case here, is also part of its focus, she said.

This vegetation, combined with a rain garden, also collects and filters the parking lot runoff before it enters the river. The parking lot of Old Mine Park is only a few paces from the water's edge.

The volunteers ranged in age from 7 to 70. Also lending a hand was state Rep. , R Fairfield, who represents a portion of Trumbull.

"One problem with that is that people think that they're cute," Parsons said. "This streamside buffer which is what naturally grows along a riverbank can control the Canada goose at very low cost."

"They love what you see on the other side of the river grass that's mowed right to the water's edge."

"The idea is to hold back the water from the parking lot during a major rain event to recharge the groundwater and to keep pollutants from entering the river," she said. The grass, along with the indigenous plantings, will provide a habitat for insects, birds, amphibians and an assortment of invertebrates.

an environmentally sensitive planting scheme

On the north side of the Pequonnock River is a scene of how parks were landscaped back in the 1950s, with close cropped grass extending to the water's edge.

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This is a 100% cotton handkerchief that Heather and I dyed using Shibori techniques. It was dyed using Dylon cold water dyes for this experiment but will eventually be dyed with indigo. The woggle is made from natural 1.5mm vegetable tanned leather and was cut, bevelled and stamped by hand. The leather was then coated with beeswax for waterproofing and to condition the leather to prevent cracking in the future. The wax was applied unevenly to give a marbled, richer colour. The woggle has been stitched by hand using waxed linen thread for strength.

This photo was taken before I punched out the hole for the lanyard. On the back is stamped CO. The leather has been left untreated so Discount Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Brown New Zealand should get a nice patina with use but can also be treated with neatsfoot or linseed oil for a deeper colour.

Alexander Kee Clothing Co

This was a quick prototype for an ID/Oyster Card holder, made from 1.5mm natural vegetable tanned leather. It been machine stitched (with a hand crank) using strong white cotton. the pieces are cut and bevelled by hand.

Discount Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Brown New Zealand

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"Our company is built on honesty and authenticity so we have gone to great lengths to be as open as possible about why we use fur on our products, how it is sourced, and the government regulated practices of the Canadian fur industry," Carrie Baker said in an email to The Canadian Press.

The luxury parka maker, which started out in a small warehouse in Toronto more than 55 years ago, is known for its extreme weather outerwear that is sold in more than 50 countries.

"Coyotes are trapped in cruel leg hold traps, kill traps and snares that cause severe suffering to coyotes," said Camille Labchuk, a lawyer with Animal Justice.

"Synthetic materials are used by high functioning organizations in very cold environments like many militaries and explorers and there is no evidence that real coyote fur is warmer."

A spokeswoman for Canada Goose said the company is committed to the humane treatment of animals and only purchases coyote fur from certified trappers.

Animal rights group files complaint about Canada Goose 'false' claims

Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Spirit Nz Online

Baker added Canada Goose is a "target for activist groups whose views will never align with ours."

TORONTO A complaint filed with the Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Spirit Nz Online Competition Bureau alleges Canada Goose makes "false and misleading" claims in the marketing of its popular winter jackets.

"There is no evidence to support this claim," Labchuk said.

The complaint also disputes Canada Goose's claims that coyote fur around the jacket's hood is warmer than fake fur.

Animal Justice an animal rights group that filed the complaint on behalf of six individuals disputes the company's claims that its jackets use coyote fur that is ethical and that coyotes are killed humanely.

"Like many proud Canadians, we don't believe that the humane killing of animals for functional purpose is wrong."

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The names of the other plane passenger and pilot have not yet been released.

In a statement released on Saturday evening, Ambulance New Brunswick offered their thoughts and prayers to the families, friends and colleagues of "those whose lives were lost."

Grand Manan has a population of about 2,000 people. Community members told CTV Atlantic that the whole island is in mourning after the fatal crash.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Summit Pink Nz

The pilot who died has been identified as Atlantic Charters company president Klaus Sonnenberg. In his profile on LinkedIn, Sonnenberg listed himself as the owner of Atlantic Charters since 1982.

"William, or Billy as he was known by his friends, and the pilot lost their lives serving the public and helping patients," Paul Ward, interim president at Ambulance New Brunswick, said in the statement. "We also want to express our sympathies and the hope for a speedy and complete recovery to the two others that suffered injuries in the accident."

The paramedic has been identified as William Mallock, who was on duty at the time of the crash. Mallock had nearly 20 Cheap Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Summit Pink Nz years of experience as a paramedic.

The plane has been identified as a Piper Navajo (PA31). According to the Atlantic Charters website, the model can travel a maximum of 340 kilometres per hour and its standard tasks include medevac flights.

Mallock, Sonnenberg, the nurse, and the other pilot were returning to Grand Manan after a trip to Saint John Regional Hospital following a patient drop off.

"We are asking for your respect to give our community, company, and family time to heal," the statement said.

It is still too early to determine the cause of the crash, Ambulance New Brunswick said. RCMP blocked the site off from media Saturday and sent a chopper to review the scene.

A second pilot and nurse from the Grand Manan hospital survived the crash. There were no injuries to anyone on the ground, and there was no patient on board the plane.

Saturday morning, Ambulance New Brunswick said Saturday in a news release. The plane hit the ground in a grassy area, metres from the landing strip at the Grand Manan airport.

air ambulance crash

Atlantic Charters released a statement Sunday morning, also extending thoughts and prayers to the injured and sympathy to Mallock's family. The company also asked for space.

Canada Goose Mystique Parka Nz Sale

Canada Goose Mystique Parka Nz Sale

A representative for Amy tells TMZ the Trainwreck star was given the Canada Goose jacket as a gift, and as soon as she learned about allegations the company harms animals she stopped wearing it.

The comedian, who was promoting her new book The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo at the Barnes Noble store in Union Square, attempted to explain herself to the activists and lighten the mood, but they were only interested in shouting at her and highlighting the fact she was photographed wearing a coat made by Canada Goose in January.

Canada Goose Mystique Parka Nz Sale

Canada Goose Mystique Parka Nz Sale

Amy Schumer screamed at over Canada Goose jacket during Canada Goose Mystique Parka Nz Sale book signing

When it became clear the activists in the store simply wanted to create a disturbance, they were asked to leave by security staff and then escorted off the premises.

Animal rights protesters were kicked out of a book signing event in New York City on Tuesday after attacking Amy Schumer for her wardrobe choices.

Schumer book signing tour continues in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, with stops in Jersey City, New Jersey, New York and Chicago, Illinois planned for later this week. It is not known if the animal rights protesters will make another appearance at these events.

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VICTORIA An Amnesty International report calling for work to stop on British Columbia's $8.8 billion Site C hydroelectric dam will not affect construction on the project, says the Crown corporation building the project.

"Canadian and international law require a high and rigorous standard of protection to ensure that indigenous peoples, who have already endured decades of marginalization, discrimination, dispossession, and impoverishment, are not further harmed by development on their lands and territories," said the report by Amnesty.

The Amnesty International report said archeological evidence shows indigenous peoples have lived in the Peace River area for more than 10,000 years and many rely on the valley to hunt, fish, trap, conduct ceremonies and harvest plant medicines. Premier Christy Clark announced approval of the project in December 2014. Construction at the dam site started last summer and the federal government recently approved permits to allow work to begin on diverting water flows.

McDonald said Hydro has reached agreements with many of the First Nations to mitigate potential impacts of the project.

"To speak in general terms, we have been successful in reaching agreements that speak to respecting the interests and concerns First Nations communities may have regarding the project," she said. "I do feel that the report misses the mark."

Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett and Jessica McDonald, BC Hydro's president and chief executive officer, said the government and Crown corporation have consulted widely and meaningfully with area indigenous peoples since 2007 and those talks continue as the project proceeds.

Canada Goose Palliser Coat Nz Sale

Amnesty's report on Site C dam won't affect construction

The report, The Point of No Return, also said the project should only proceed on the basis of free, prior and informed consent of all affected indigenous peoples.

"The Site C project has been through an extensive review and approval process," said McDonald. "It's an approved project. It has its permits and it's our responsibility to continue construction and bring this project into operation on time and on budget."

"No amount of consultation is adequate if, at the end of the day, the concerns of indigenous peoples are not seriously considered and their human rights remain unacknowledged or unprotected," said the report.

At least two area First Nations are challenging the project in court.

"This group and many of the groups want to focus on the negatives, without ever acknowledging all the positive things," he said.

Bennett wasn't available for an interview, but he told radio station CHNL that the report ignores benefits associated with the project and an extensive consultation process.

The dam would be the third on the Peace River, flooding an 83 kilometre stretch of valley near Fort St. John.

Canada Goose Palliser Coat Nz Sale

Bennett Canada Goose Palliser Coat Nz Sale said the report does not properly acknowledge the jobs the project is creating, especially for indigenous people, and the long term power supply the dam will deliver.

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"They torture and murder animals for their fur," one protester can be heard shouting at Schumer.

"Fur trade!" the ring leader calls out.

Animal rights protesters crash Amy Schumer's book signing

All protesters saw when they busted into Amy Schumer's book signing was the girl with the Canada Goose jacket.

Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Nz Online

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Amy Schumer's wild antics

15 photos view gallery

Amy Schumer came under fire for her choice to sport a Canda Goose jacket over the winter. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

"Death trade!" the rest of the group respond.

The protesters, most of whom were wielding posters with images of animals, were looking to blast the 35 year old funny lady for previously wearing a coat made by Canada Goose, an organization often criticized for it's alleged Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Nz Online animal cruelty.

A group of animal rights activists on Wednesday showed up at the New York Barnes Noble where Schumer was signing copies and answering questions about her recently released book "Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo" to call her out on her choice to wear fur, according to TMZ.

Schumer's rep told TMZ the entire thing was a misunderstanding that could have been clarified if the protesters had been willing to listen to the "Trainwreck" star's explanation.

Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online

The statement was an exact copy of portions of their website.

"Canada Goose is deeply committed to the preservation of our global environment and the humane treatment of animals. We never purchase fur from fur farms, never use fur from endangered animals, and only purchase fur from certified Canadian trappers. trapping of fur bearing animals is strictly regulated by the provincial and territorial wildlife departments in Canada. In fact, Canada is the world leader in humane trapping methods, providing the scientific basis for the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS), which establishes the required standards for approval and certification of animal trapping devices."

Canada Goose refused to talk to Global News, sending a statement instead.

The group alleges some Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online of the methods used to catch coyotes, like leg hold and kill traps, are cruel.

However, the Canadian fur industry insisted the traps are humane and that they have strict standards.

Animal Justice claimed standards are so low in Canada that it okay for as many 20 per cent of animals caught in either leg hold, or kill traps, to show extreme signs of poor welfare, including broken bones.

animals have been taken legally, around the rules set by the provinces and territories, said Pierre Canac Marquie, a trap research coordinator for the Canadian Trap Research Program.

"In that time the animal could suffer from extreme exposure," said Labchuk.

Animal rights group files complaint against Canada Goose

Animal Justice is challenging marketing claims by the clothing company that the coyotes used in its fur trim have been treated MORE:Animal groups sound alarm over leg traps after wounded dog brought in

Men Canada Goose Hybridge Jacket Red Nz Online

He said in reality, very few animals suffer. They have found traps work properly in about 95 per cent of cases, well above the 80 per cent minimum. As well, most are checked daily.

Canada Goose buys its fur from a clearing house and pelts come from across Canada, including jurisdictions where traps can be left for up to five days before being checked.

Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Nz Sale

Call it the ultimate trip, the final frontier, Monoliths R Us or any other metaphor you want, but ask a boomer these three questions: Do you want your body to buried in a cemetery? Do you want your ashes scattered on the ocean? Or would you rather be turned into a diamond and be 'deliberately buried' (to quote Stanley Kubrick) on the moon?

Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Nz Sale

On Dec. 11, 2014, the company announced a service called MoonMail to help underwrite the cost of launching its private lunar lander and win the Google LunarX Prize. The MoonMail page on Astrobotic's website states that they are accepting small mementos for inclusion on its first mission to the Moon like a family photo, a ring, an SD Card, a lock of hair or cufflinks. You simply mail the keepsake in a small, special container to Astrobotic in Pittsburg, where its placed in its Moon Capsule and integrated into the Moon Pod on the lunar lander. More information on their kit is available here.

When the time comes which I hope will be later rather than sooner I choose to go to the moon. Boldly. I expect others will too.

Although they won't take cremated remains, they will take gems. So once I'm a gem through LifeGem, Cremation Solutions or Algordanza, it'll cost as little as $460 to send me (well, a very compressed version of me) to the moon.

Now admittedly there are some aesthetic concerns to these memorial diamonds, no matter how striking they are. Is my wife really going to wear what's left of me on a pendant or a ring? Or despite how stunning my stone will be, will there be a certain yuck factor to it? I can picture the scene playing out in my mind: "That's such a beautiful blue stone ring you're wearing." "Oh, that's my late husband Tony. He had such beautiful blue eyessee right here?" as she holds out her hand.

Likewise, a typical cremation in this country, including a respectable urn, transit to and from the funeral home, cremation, a grave site service and miscellaneous costs could run anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. And if the urn is to be in a cemetery, the additional cost could be $1,000 to $3,000.

Tony Wilson is a franchising, licensing and intellectual property lawyer at Boughton Law Corp. His opinions do not reflect those of the Law Society of British Columbia, SFU or any other organization.

But then I discovered something that Canadian funeral homes don't advertise: the option turn my remains into a diamond. Yes indeed, companies like LifeGem, Cremation Solutions and Algordanza will compress and super heat my cremated ashes and turn them into a man made diamond. They extract the carbon, convert it to graphite then heat it to almost 2,900 degrees Fahrenheit, after which point, they compress the graphite with 725,000 pounds per square inch of pressure the weight of the world on what's left of my shoulders, so to speak to turn me into a synthesized diamond.

I've found some options for my earthly remains which may interest ageing baby boomers. They may also interest enterprising entrepreneurs in the funeral industry who are tired of thinking inside the box, or the urn for that matter.

As for the cost, it can be as inexpensive as a 'respectable' coffin. Remembrance Diamonds Corp., the Canadian partner of Algordanza of Switzerland, states that its "Memorial Diamonds" start at $2,899, but pricing goes up for larger carat stones. A 0.6 carat diamond could cost between $6,500 and $10,500, for example, while a one carat diamond runs between $13,000 and $21,500.

Voila! Astrobotics plans more missions in the future with bigger payloads. I can hardly wait.

"We buried dad on the Moon" will be a showstopper in any conversation my adult kids will have about their father. They won't have to feel guilty for never visiting the cemetery; all they'll have to do is look up at the man in the moon, and roll their eyes knowing that I got the last cosmic laugh. My memorial service will be like a launch party celebrating a pending trip. Friends and colleagues will do their worst William Shatner and Patrick Stewart impressions while The Blue Danube, Sprach Zarathustra and Dark Side of the Moon play in the background. Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters may be served.

Canadian funeral homes should be boldly going for this option faster than a rocket because we boomers lived and breathed Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Trek. And with apologies to God, many boomers are way more interested in physics than metaphysics.

Of course, there are other things to consider, like a double depth plot, a niche wall, a standalone family legacy niche, a crypt, an indoor niche or an indoor crypt. A memorial service, complete with appetizers and wine, might rival the cost of a wedding reception.

As for my own arrangements, a traditional burial strikes me as too boring and conventional, so for some time I've thought of cremation and having my ashes scattered in the waters of English Bay in Vancouver or Oak Bay in Victoria, or perhaps both. But part of me is fearful that by the time I snuff it, environmental groups or animal rights activists will protest 'ash scattering on the ocean' due to the alleged harm my ashes could do to dogfish and seagulls. It is British Columbia after all.

Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Nz Sale

always wanted to go to the moon

The funeral business is a billion dollar industry in Canada and one that will never run out of customers. Leaving aside the cost of a memorial service with food and wine, a typical burial with respectable wooden casket, transit to and from funeral home, embalming, grave site service and other miscellaneous costs such as the interment fee for opening and closing the plot, headstone, and granite base for the coffin to rest on could be anywhere between $5,000 to $30,000. Additionally, the plot could cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on location in Canada.

Enter Astrobotic Technology. This space logistics company is working with Carnegie Mellon University to put a privately owned lunar lander Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Nz Sale on the moon for a lot less money using a Falcon 6 rocket built by Space X.

Another opportunity out there is out of this world. A company called Celestis will send cremated remains into space, like it did for Gene Roddenberry, but it'll cost you. The company charges a whopping $12,500 to send a teeny weeny 'symbolic portion' of someone's remains to the Moon. That seems like a lot of money for a symbolic portion, if you ask me.

Canada Goose Thompson Jacket Nz Sale